Back from the brink

Or perhaps I should say back from the drink. Wow, yesterday I had a major wobble. Thank you so much to everyone who commented, and I’m sorry I haven’t replied to each of you. Prior to the wobble, I’ve been trying to reply to everyone as I go along, but I think that may not always be feasible. You guys saved me, though.

I was THIS CLOSE to chucking it in and going back to my old ways. I had mentally poured the gin and tonic and could imagine drinking it. Instead, I took the dog out, and read the kind emails and comments encouraging me to stay with it, nobody judging me, everybody just incredibly supportive and understanding. I came home and pushed though the g & t thoughts, making myself a plain tonic and lime instead. I must say, it was very very difficult.

And I had the conversation with my husband! I explained that moderating wasn’t going to work for me at the moment, and that although I realised it looked like a big deal, I was going to try and drink no alcohol at all. I didn’t tell him about the blog. He looked a bit stunned but said ok, let’s give it a go. He said I’d had a mad look in my eyes last weekend when I’d made a fuss about his pouring less in my glass than in our guests’ glasses. So I think he gets where I’m coming from. And he is such a legend, that he said he would try not to drink as well.

I’m off to the celebratory birthday lunch shortly. My actual birthday is tomorrow so I’m now officially entering the Danger Zone. Don’t worry; I won’t go Missing In Action.

18 thoughts on “Back from the brink”

  1. hurrah for you! really, the first seven to ten days are the worstest bit. get yourself through the next few short days and it will get easier! glad to hear from you! Xx

  2. Thanks for this great update, Annie. Good to hear you sounding positive, and it’s so great that you were able to talk to your husband before this weekend. That will be such a help. Hope things go well with your friends this lunchtime, and have a lovely lovely birthday tomorrow!!
    (Wonder if the dog will get lots of extra walks in the next few weeks? ;))
    Hugs. xx

  3. Congratulations on getting through it. You’re a sober Superstar! Can’t wait to hear all about your lunch. Enjoy it. Hope you have lots of laughs. x

  4. Go you Annie 🙂 This giving up booze is a bitch but if you hang in there it does get easier I promise! Enjoy your lunch and happy birthday for tomorrow xx

  5. Unpickled is the goddess of recovery. I am so glad to read this.
    My birthday coincided with day 7 for me. I was pretty anxious and cranky and almost just screamed “give me the wine”, but instead I announced at the party that I was givi myself a gift that year. A gift of no booze. Some of them scoffed. But no one does anymore.

    I’m glad I did that.

    Husband support is really huge. That is a kind thing for him to do. You have a good one!

    Have a great sober birthday. It is honestly the best present you could give yourself!

    1. Thank you so much! And Mrs D’s 3 year sober anniversary coincides with my birthday, too. There’s definitely something at work in the sober stars! Annie x

  6. Awesome that you pulled past that demon beast who only wants to take you back to the pit. This just proves how strong you are in the 1st days and you are such an inspiration to me. I’m still on the fence, looking for my 1st day.

    BTW – hope you have a super wonderful sober birthday. Much to celebration.
    ….. and I wouldn’t feel slighted if you didn’t reply – I know you are concentration on the most important thing – LIFE! 🙂
    Cyber hugs from ~..~ me

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