Avoiding shipwreck

Primrose described it in her comment as ‘the perfect storm’, and certainly the potential for alcohol catastrophe was there yesterday. But guess what? I got through it, sobriety intact! Husband, kids and I all went to my parents for the birthday supper, and right up until the last moment I had intended to drink there. But I read the comments on yesterday’s post, and these helped me decide to take a bottle of AF fizz with me, and that’s what I drank. I felt bad that I hadn’t warned my Mum, and that she had got a special bottle of champagne ready, but they all drank that (well, not the kids) and I stuck to my stuff.

So here I am, Day 8, having survived my first alcohol free birthday for years. What I’m finding interesting/terrible at the moment, is the way I swing from super-positive pink cloud highs where I’m privately celebrating my sober achievements, to a plunging pit where I wallow in my own anti-sobriety club. And this change can occur in a matter of minutes. It’s exhausting.

But I woke up today, grateful for my blog, and for the community surrounding it. Heartfelt thanks to you all.

25 thoughts on “Avoiding shipwreck”

  1. That’s great news Annie! AF sparkling is okay in my world 🙂 As for the extremes of highs and lows – yep me too although they’ve leveled out quite a lot now! xx

  2. Hurray for you! I am on Day 25 and football season started her in Texas last weekend. Boy was a bummed! Tailgating without beer? Game watching without booze? How could aI manage? Know what? I did fine. You will too. Stay strong. The highs and lows will level out and you will find yourself enjoying life as a sober person. Promise!

  3. So relieved to hear you didn’t succumb. You would have been feeling crap about yourself today and now you’re allowed to feel smug and proud. You did it. Go girl!

  4. That’s great. Be careful about feeling obligated to others. Those were my most dangerous times earlier on. If someone made me a special drink, or had my favourite wine. But eventually I realized I need to be accountable to me. Making myself happy really does matter.
    There are ebbs and flows with sobriety. You should google PAWS. It is a real thing. It can impact your for up to a year. It is good to know that when you feel off or really tired.
    Take care of yourself!

  5. I felt wasted for about 10 days, slept 12 hours a day, better now at day 13 or 14 or so (stopped counting after 10). I guessed it is part of the process; the constant thinking, feeling and taking stance against alcohol. I’m thinking that all the (nasty) stuff that I used to drink away suddenly sticks its head up. That’s tiresome. Do you sleep well?

  6. Hi Annie, just found your blog and read from the start. Congrats for having a sober birthday! I’ve got further than I have been before, but I’ve found that having to go to social events like that is the real test. I’m OK in my sober bubble – I seem to have developed a different routine – but going out is not my favourite thing at the moment! Do you have a specific replacement drink? I have either posh cordials with soda water, or pomegranate juice and soda water. I’ve found it really helps.

    1. Thanks for reading, and for commenting! I’m after a few more ideas for alternative drinks – I’ve just written my next post about it! Annie x

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