Day 9, still no wine

And so I head into week two. Nine days doesn’t feel very advanced, and yet it might as well be nine years, my last glass of wine seems so far back in time. The kids are busy back at school so things are starting to get quite hectic in the evenings, and I am conscious that in the old days (10 days ago) I would have gratefully reached for the bottle of white. Tonight, with nothing to hand, I was able to react relatively calmly when several child meltdowns occurred, and this is a new thing for me: a calm reaction.

On the other hand, I would like something nice to drink. Safe, but nice. My tonic, lime and grenadine concoction is delicious, but I’ve got tonic overload and would appreciate any drink ideas which people have found successful around 7pm of an evening.

8 thoughts on “Day 9, still no wine”

  1. Into your second week! Fab 🙂 And congratulations on the calm reaction – we beat ourselves up enough when we are not calm, make sure you give yourself a pat on the back when you do well!
    Re drinks – I like my herbal teas, still drinking a lot of those. Also I like diet ginger ale though it does make me sneeze, and I am sneezing too much just right now to take that on. Bitter lemon, too.
    Sadly will confess that I am sugar-binging again early evenings, kids bed times. Got out of the habit of it over the summer hols and now I am back to it 😦 xx

  2. Amazing. I am so in awe of 9 days. Good job. I like sparkling water and whatever kind of MIO or other water-flavorer I’m into. Tea, like lots of people said, home-made mochas too. Instant hot chocolate + instant coffee + milk. Fast but comforting and gives you the sugar fix you might be craving like I and some of our friends are. I also got a nutribullet which is fun and such a stark contrast to alcohol, I put omega oil, protein powder, fruits, berries, and ‘super greens,’ and top it off with juice to make sure it tastes good. It’s always a little project figuring out how many ‘good for you things’ you can fit into one serving cup. And it can take some time if you need something to keep you busy.

  3. Congrats on your 9 days! Doing well! 🙂 Regarding drinks: I like the herb teas as well. My favorite daytime teas are fresh mint and also ginger tea that I make myself: grate or slice 1 cm of ginger finely and add boiling water to taste, start of with adding 4 cups of water because it might set of your bowels if you are not used to this. For a fruitjuice I like sweetened crannberry juice, but I mix that with juice of half a lemon and 1/3rd of water. I am an absolute fan of Celestial Seasoning’s Sleepy Time tea just before going to bed. I have the normal as the extra strong has valium in it.
    Also, I have this old Braun juicer MP50, so I start of in the morning: 3 stalks of cellery, 1 large apple, 4 medium carrots, 1-2cm of ginger, 1 lemon. I don’t have sugar cravings, I somehow think it has to do with this juice. Not sure how that would work though but it feels like it is related. Note: drinking grapefruit juice is advertised to work against all kinds of cravings; drinking, smoking, sugar but don’t combine with bloodpressure or cholestorol medicine.

  4. Yay, 9 days! Yes replacement drink is a must! After my whatever and soda water, I drink Earl Grey tea later in the evening (usually with cake). Also Belle at Tired Of Thinking About Drinking has a recipe on her blog for ‘Fuck You Wolfie Lemonade’, which is great for a treat.
    Also, the calmness you mentioned – I love that. That’s the major reason why I’m doing the 100 days. 🙂

  5. Half the fun for me is experimenting with new drinks. The Supermarkets now stock a huge variety of teas, hot chocolates and soft drinks. At night I stick to warm drinks, teas or hot chocolates and save the soft drinks for the weekend. I love Elderflower. Sometimes the ready made fizz is too sweet so I buy the cordial and mix it with either soda or tonic and add a splash of lime juice. Have fun testing everything.

  6. Congrats from me as well. I love San Pellegrino, lemon… Just enough fizz not too tangy.. very refreshing. Be well and good to YOU !:-)

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