Day 12: note to self

Thank you for all your supportive comments yesterday. Writing a blog inevitably means that one self-obsesses rather, and I don’t like the idea of sounding selfish; please forgive me if that’s how I sound. Ordinarily, I probably wouldn’t write every day, but that is what I’ve promised for at least 30 days, and I worry that people will wonder where I’ve gone – or what I’m doing – if I don’t report in!

I’m closing in on Day 12, which is nearly 2 weeks! The idea of doing this blog – an idea given to me by a lovely lovely friend – has really helped me to stick with it this time. In the months leading up to this point, I kept giving up for one or two days at a time, but I’d then always drink my way out of it, then start again with good intentions, and so on and so on. This way is working better, and I am grateful for that.

I read an article in The Times yesterday about how bad alcohol is for women, and how many women are drinking too much. And tonight I am rehearsing in London (I play in an orchestra) which means I come home around 10pm on the beer train, that awful train which carts drunken people home and which smells of burgers. Even when I was drinking, I would be pleased not to be drinking when I was on that train. These things help keep me on the straight and narrow.

8 thoughts on “Day 12: note to self”

  1. Keep on writing, a blog is GOOD! Just started reading your blog last night, recommended by Unpickled. You are both SO inspiring!! My journey has just begun, day 3, and have gone to both your blogs to get me through. We’re all pulling for each other and, for me, gaining strength from what I’m reading. I now this won’t be easy, didn’t expect it would be and have tried and failed before. This time He sent me a gift of finding Unpickled’s blog which has opened my head to the possibility that I can do this. Thank you both for your wonderful wisdom! Thoughts and prayers are with you!! 💗

  2. Hi. I just found your blog – I started mine around the same day. I’m on day 9 now. You don’t sound selfish at all – and even if you did, no matter. I think we all *deserve* to be a little selfish, and we’re doing it together! We’re trying to improve our lives and take control. I seem to be a little bit in the minority in terms of the blogs I’ve been looking at, both as a male and more of a hard liquor person. But I’m finding lots of strength and optimism from reading blogs like yours. Keep up the great work. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Yey! Nearly two weeks, go Annie!
    I don’t think you sound self obsessed at all – getting sober is a new experience and I think everyone blogging about it is just expressing how it feels. Which can only be a good thing because it helps soooo much to know we’re not alone xx

  4. congrats! I often think about quitting the blog because of the over-obsessive feeling but it is a nice outlet when needed and does have the accountability aspect. I’ve decided to treat it like everything else in life right now – it’s there if you need it but don’t let anything add pressure to your life other than working this one thing, this relationship with alcohol. I’m glad you’ve had reminders of the benefits of not drinking – I think that would help me. I feel so abnormal and un-fun lately. Like I need a list of sober celebrities or something.

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