A new direction

In writing this blog, I have received countless words of wisdom from fellow bloggers. How about actually following some of their advice? I think I’ve been quite down over the past fortnight, and I thought I’d try something different. As I walked the dog today, I fell to thinking about what I could do to improve my mood, my resolve, my motivation. Rather than honing in on that dreaded witching hour, what about thinking of some more positive ideas instead?

Radical, huh?

So, for example, I have ordered several of the books which were recommended on a Bubble Hour episode; I actually took a little pencil and paper with me on the dog walk, and as I listened to the podcast on the walk, I jotted down the book titles, then bought them on my return. They should arrive next week. I’m also going to invest in some more interesting teas, and may even treat myself to a really nice cup and saucer if I make it to Day 30. I hope to go beyond that, but I need to keep that target in my sights for now.

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