Forgot to say…

… I pressed publish too soon, and have no idea how to edit an existing post. But I wanted to add that I fear I’ve been feeling sorry for myself, and that I want to stop wallowing in self-pity. Today, on that walk, I suddenly had a real sense that there was a good force behind me – I guess that’s you guys!

9 thoughts on “Forgot to say…”

  1. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Feel proud of yourself. There are lots of people out there that haven’t been able to quit at all. Those are who we should feel sorry for! Keep up the good fight. You can do this!

  2. You got it!!! We’re with you and you are with us!! On my way to dinner at daughter’s in-laws where drinks will be flowing. All day trying to figure out how best to handle this. Not ready for full disclosure. Any suggestions? 💗

    1. How about saying that you just don’t feel like drinking today? That you want to be in good form and not too tired for the week ahead? Something like that? Annie x

      1. Thanks that could work. Flying back to Michigan tomorrow so need to be feeling good. Besides I WILL NOT go back to day 1!!!

  3. Hi Annie, if you want to edit, scroll down the posted post. Below the tags you see ‘Edit’. Or, in the top bar go to ‘My sites’, choose All posts and scroll down to the post you want to edit. Click on it and the words ‘Edit’ and some other with pop up. After finishing editing you can push ‘update’ iso ‘publish’.

  4. This rinds me of when of when I’m stretching and my spine goes “click click” and suddenly I feel better without ever knowing exactly what was wrong, which vertebrae were out, or how they got back in place. But something changed and I feel better – it took me making the effort to stretch in the first place. Very happy for you. Watching you experience the strength of support, connection and sharing your story is joyous!

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