Observations on Day 17

I’d like to record some observations of how I’m feeling today. 17 days in – and that feels like a long time – am I feeling better? How do I feel?

* I feel good. Perhaps more accurately, I don’t feel bad. Before, when I was getting hangovers or just feeling generally tired, I would feel sluggish; I’d often be dealing with an awful headache, or I’d feel sick mid-morning (I was increasingly noticing that my hangover symptoms wouldn’t start until then; I’d wake up relatively perky, and feel smug, before BAM! 10am disaster!), and I’d get massive lows at various points of the day and struggle to do stuff. Those things have gone, and although I do still have those cravings and sugar lows around 5pm, I don’t get the same sort of slump.

* I know everyone always says this sort of thing on sober blogs, but my skin is looking better: clearer, rosier, though I went through a few days (around days 7-9) of medieval style pox spots along my jawline: unusual for me, and not nice.

* A distinctly uncharacteristic calm has occasionally been spotted coming from me, rather than the usual impatience. Not too much calm though, still lots of frustrations etc.

* I am not in such a panic about my sober plan. Yes, I still don’t know how things will progress, but I feel better about it now than I did at Day 5 when I wanted to abandon the whole thing. Now, it is actually beginning to feel like a possible way forward.

It’s as though I’m allowing myself to investigate a sober route without sabotaging it at every turn. I hope I’m not jinxing it by being positive today…

19 thoughts on “Observations on Day 17”

  1. Hi Path, about being positive, I just had this amazing revelation, truly not joking, but I found: ‘I notice I am susceptible to feeling bad if I’m not happy.’ So, I’ld say get yourself a good piece of the happy each day! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can go to my post yesterday and learn about it, and consider whether it’s something that you want to do right now. Either way, it’s ok. I just want you to know that you are doing a really wonderful job and I love reading about your journey. Thank you for your support as well, Annie, I appreciate it:)

    1. Thanks for nominating me for this! Wow, I have no idea what it is – I’m completely new to this whole blogging thing. But I’ll look into it, and thanks for thinking of me! Annie x

  3. Oh! And it’s so great to read this! I’m right there with you Annie. Day 16 and feeling quite good this time around- I think I’m going to see just how good I can feel at day 60, 90, and so forth:) You are doing GREAT! (and yes, my skin looks better and I actually was moved to put LIPSTICK on today! Holy cow!)

  4. Thinking back at around 2 months I saw a drastic difference in water retention, skin appearance, eye whiteness and overall health.

    Be positive. See the good things. Regardless of how you feel, know that inside your body is healing itself. You mind is healing.

    You are doing a great thing!

  5. Annie , I am so happy to hear you feeling good. Isn’t it WONDERFUL to have days that are hangover free. Even days that are a struggle sure beat the days battling the hangover. You are inspiring me to keep putting one foot in front of the other!

  6. So exciting and awesome!!! Congrats to you!! I’m at 2 weeks now and have started noticing improved skin already too. The biggest thing for me that you touch on has been patience! Particularly when driving. I don’t drive much but when I do I am usually swearing at every other car under my breath (or louder) and feeling like I gotta go, go, go and get where I’m going RIGHT NOW! Amazingly, I’ve found myself being very zen about it all the past few days. Even as a passenger the other day I found myself saying to the driver “eh – don’t worry about it. We’ll turn when we can turn.” I couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth. Keep up the great work!!!!

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