My people

You are my people. After writing yesterday’s post, I sat with my awful feelings and tried to decide what to do. Every half hour or so, I would turn to my blog and read the comments there, which began to appear soon after my posting. I was overwhelmed by the love and wisdom which came from you all; it was amazing. Such friends! Such support! And what is extraordinary is that I didn’t turn to anyone locally, I turned to you. The advice I got was incredibly helpful, and the power of the feeling behind the comments was truly humbling.

So, this is what I did: I made myself a tonic/lime/grenadine concoction (think I may have mentioned this in another post – it’s a stalwart), and sat down and drank it while reading an article I’d been meaning to read. Then I made this ‘fun’ supper and the kids and I ate it while watching a film, a big treat for them as my husband would hate our eating in front of the TV. They then went to bed while I cleared up, soon following them to bed myself. I got an email from my husband who is cycling in France, saying that all the boys were drinking loads, but that he was drinking less, out of support for me (and I expect so that he can bike up those mountains). I felt loved.

Day 21 today. Thank you, my friends, for helping me.

11 thoughts on “My people”

  1. Woo hoo!!! Couldn’t wait for this post, knew you could do it. The strength you give comes back to you! All of us out here will have an awesome Saturday because of you. 💗

  2. Great news Annie! This will become second nature in no time. My sponsor always used to say to me “just get your head on the pillow tonight sober, that’s all you have to do” and it made it feel so much more achievable.

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