Storm clouds gather

Rather an alarming title for this 28 day post, but I’ve just looked out of the window and the evening clouds are indeed dark and threatening. Thank you everyone for your wise words yesterday when I was having a bad moment. I drove to the party, was absolutely fine having elderflower even when the others had prosecco in really pretty Venetian glasses, and I put my hand over my wine glass when red wine was offered. So, all fine there.

And yet. And yet. Day 30 looms, on Monday, and I can’t help wondering how I’m going to proceed from there. I know I keep saying this; in fact, my blog must seem very repetitive (sorry). But the 30 days does seem to be a potential stumbling block rather than a gateway to better things.

Once I get to Tuesday, my plan is not to write every day anymore. Perhaps some of you will be relieved! I won’t disappear; I’ll try and write a post when I have an update. Having said that, writing daily has been an amazing experience for me, and I have valued your comments more than I can say. I am grateful for the friendship I have found here.

14 thoughts on “Storm clouds gather”

  1. I for one will miss your daily post but will look forward to your updates knowing they will inspire me. I will also continue to think of you and pray for all of us on our journey. 💗

  2. i’m with ainsobriety. went to the party last night too, danced like a maniac, talked to heaps of people I didn’t know and had a blast with my lime and sodas in my wine glass. it is now official, you can party without booze and have FUN. keep it up annie. xxx

  3. I know what you’re saying. I set my birthday (early November) as my “goal date”. I left it as “I will see how I feel then”. In my head I worry– will I drink again? But then I stop and think that I can only say right now I am not drinking. It’s cliche and I hate saying it to myself. Sometimes it’s the only thought that pushes my through the horrible cravings… Day 14 DONE. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. I will miss your daily posting! So much of what you write sounds like you’re taking dictation from MY brain! 😘

    1. Well done on getting to Day 14! I’m still not sure about how often I am going to post. Perhaps I should carry on writing daily for the moment? Annie x

  4. I just found your blog! Sounds a lot like what I’m experiencing and I’m on day 5! One day at a time is my motto! Thanks for being so inspiring to me. I can do this. You can do this. Let’s hang in there together.

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