Still writing

I wasn’t planning to write a post today; but I can’t help it! I’ve got so used to it! Day 31 and I feel quite strange. I was really touched by the mass of supportive comments yesterday – and every day! And I read and absorbed every single one. Please believe me when I say that I take all your words to heart, and I really think carefully about them.

When I looked at the 30 days idea from about 10 days into it, I imagined myself cracking open the champers as I dotted the i on my last post. In fact, as I went to bed on Day 30 and woke up on Day 31, I was struck by how much I wanted to continue with my sober plan. Sure, the idea of a g & t is still lurking, but it seems to be in the shadows, rather than in the sunlight. I was in London earlier today, and glimpsed two men having pints of beer at midday in a pub. Nothing strange about that, but the idea of someone choosing to drink a whole pint of anything at midday suddenly seemed completely ridiculous. That’s what I’m feeling today: that drinking alcohol is ridiculous!

I won’t get too excited. I might well be back on the cravings path tomorrow, but today I feel good.

11 thoughts on “Still writing”

  1. Yey, Annie! Happy to see you today. . . with shiny happy eyes.
    Not puffy, no headache, no remorse, no foggy head. Plus, we will be able to speak about the benefits of sobriety with more cred when we get some major sober momentum under our belts. Happy I made it too. Healthy and calm. I too now look at drinking as just ridiculous.

    Have you heard Belle’s Sober Car podcast? You can order from her site. I figured you had heard it. I figured everyone out there has heard it and I was the last one on the planet. It’s $2 for individual copies, it’s hilarious.
    Sober Car is #6 – just in case someone out there hasn’t seen them, they are really helpful to me. I wish she could do a new one every day.

    I agree, a treat is in order.

  2. Wow. I hope that I get to the point of thinking drinking is ridiculous. Still trying to quiet the beast, it’s getting a bit better after 17 days. I know I feel better mentally and look better, yet….I want to be buzzed…..guess time will help lessen that feeling. Good for you Annie! And I’m glad you posted, I was worried you went away…..😘

  3. Awesome! So glad you did decide to continue. Keep going. Remember nothing bad can ever happen by not drinking. It’s all good. Not everyday is going to be great. You won’t always be happy but I can bet you’ll have more happy days without the booze.

  4. Yay Annie! I celebrate day 30 today, and feel like I’ve climbed a mountain with my bare hands this month! Something about surpassing this day is bringing on a new calm for me, like a belief that I can keep going. I’ll take it whenever it happens! Keep going Annie, you are doing great! Right beside you, xo

  5. Congratulations! That seems to small a word, not enough for what you’ve accomplished. We all know what a monumental feat you’ve achieved. I am in downright awe of you. And inspired by you. I think of your path since you started blogging as one that I might follow someday, if I’m so lucky. And whatever happens from here on out, don’t disappear, I for one will be in awe regardless and am hoping you’ll continue to share your experiences.

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