Digging in

Thank you to everybody who commented yesterday (and all the other days!). I would like to be able to reply to each comment, but I don’t think I can do that at the moment, as I’m writing the blog every day if possible (one of the things on my list to help me succeed this time round) and I run out of time to comment as well. I hope you’re not sad or offended if I don’t reply. Please know that I am reading your comments and really appreciate the thoughts and advice. When I do have time to reply, I will! I am always pleased when a blogger replies to my comments on other people’s blogs.

The support is amazing, and I am interested and need the varied approaches people give me. During the difficult moments yesterday – and there were many, and they were hard – the comments often got me through. In these early days, I am finding that the blog is a lifeline: not just a place where I can vent (sorry for all the venting), but a place where I feel listened to, and where I listen.

So, here I am on Day 3. I found yesterday evening excruciating, but I gritted my teeth and inched my way through it. I had given my parents and husband the leftover cava and red wine for lunch, so there were no dribbles in the fridge. I drank the lime-y drink, had the bath, heated up the soup and watched TV. I had a terrible headache at bedtime 😟

Woke up feeling better. Mondays are easier than Fridays. So this week, I plan to arm myself more effectively if I can as I approach Friday, so that I don’t reach the weekend and fail at the first cork. What do I need to do? Well, I’ve printed out my list of sobriety tips and have it by my bed, and I’m going to get more edible treats in. I’m not going to project too far ahead as I start to panic, and I’m going to be pleased that I’m on Day 3.

12 thoughts on “Digging in”

  1. Here’s my free advice…take it for what it’s worth….

    I think you need more support. A plan is just a plan. Putting it into action is hard. This is what I found from many many Monday’s of planning and Fridays of throwing the plan in the garbage. So many.

    Go to a meeting. Find real life support.

    Tell your husband what you are doing and why. He could be your strongest supporter, if you let him. He needs to understand that this is serious. That you need him to understand that there is a problem and that you want things to change. Maybe you need to get him some info on addiction? People who have no issues believe this is a matter of willpower or sucking it up. It obviously isn’t, or you wouldn’t be struggling. There wouldn’t be a sober blogging world. We would all just have a glass of wine and not think twice about more.

    I’m glad you are back with us! I look forward to your posts and your journey has really helped me a lot.


  2. Hey there Annie I had a thought when I was listening to the sober podcasts from Belle. What if this is your/our last Day 3 ever. So many ups and downs before we get the practice right for our ‘last’ day X’s.

    Maybe what Anne says about upping the tool kit is a good idea – do you always stay in on Fridays, what about going out with the kids/husband somewhere different and shake up that weekend routine?

    Easier said than done I know but if Friday and weekends can be the issue……………….

    Another thing might be how about treating yourself to some relaxation through the week and doing the crazy chores on a Friday night

    I work from home so now I work during the ‘witching hour’ when I can when the booze calls the loudest I’m working away telling it to come back later.

    Anyway I’m talking rubbish I’m sure you’ve tried lots of cool things.

    Just a thought like Anne said.

  3. Yes! Be pleased indeed that you’re on day three πŸ™‚
    I do agree with what Anne said about telling your husband. Instead of having to struggle through it all with him unaware of what you’re doing, it might really help if he knows.
    I think it’s worth considering πŸ™‚

  4. On the downswing of day 3 here. It drives me insane that I wake up with all the resolve in the world not to drink, but then comes the witching hour. And it’s tough slugging through it. Ainsobriety has great advice. I’m taking it for myself! Hugs!

  5. Congrats to you on today. There is only today! You didn’t drink and that’s the goal. You succeeded! Try to let go of the regret about going in circles, about this not being your first day 3. It’s OK! Just deal with not drinking today.

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