Going quiet

I may go quiet on the blog for a while. I am finding it a bit stressful writing every day because I am not sure what I am doing.

I wanted to say that I have so appreciated everyone’s thoughts and comments. I am grateful that people have read the blog, and I have read and reread the comments many times. I take them all very seriously, and I really listen to what people say.

For many years now, I have been in and out of this process, sometimes for a day or two, sometimes for a month or so. The blog has been an anchor in many ways, and I am glad I started it, but now I feel I’m floating away.

40 thoughts on “Going quiet”

  1. Annie, it is a difficult process. You have to decide what works for you. If you decide on silence for a bit, I wish you well. Just remember we are here waiting to hear from you no matter what. I will miss your blog as I feel that we are traveling a similar road. Hugs from NY

  2. I honestly and truly with you Good luck with whatever you choose. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Perhaps you will be inspired to write next Tuesday. Do it if you are. There is no rule about when or why you post.

    Finding a middle road is the secret to happiness with many things. I’m still learning that one. My thinking likes to veer into all or nothing. Either with the program or against. It make life very difficult. I’m glad I’m moving away from that.

    Do what you feel like today. Forget what you decided yesterday.

    If only the drinking path was as easy, but we all know it isn’t, or there would be no AA, no sober bloggers.

    Take care of yourself in a kind and gentle way and know I am only a post or an email away.

    Think about going to talk to someone. Depression and alcoholism were tied in a tight knot for me. It’s very hard to untie it alone.



  3. All paths lead home and I hope you soon find your best home, where you’re happiest, Annie. We’re all here so you know where to find us, any time. Hugs and best wishes from Bea xxx

  4. Hi annie. I feel like i am losing a friend! I wwill miss you but think of you often!!! Best of wishes with your choices and hope to hear from you soon. Xx

    1. You’re my friend too! And you’re not losing me – I’m not dying (hopefully). I’ll still be here, and I’ll still follow your journey – your amazing journey. Thank you for all your support. Annie x

  5. Hi Annie, really sad you won’t be blogging, I shall really miss you, as we all will. But, take from this the mammoth amount of support and love here for you. Be kind to yourself, love and lots of good wishes xxxx

  6. I read somewhere on teh Interwebz recently that the path out of addiction is sort of like the mythic Hero’s Journey. Part of that journey is having to leave what is familiar and comforting (alcohol), making heroic companions along the way (bloggers, therapists, whomever), but ultimately facing the final test alone.

    If you are at the stage where leaving your Heroic Companions is necessary to finish your Quest, I wish you well, and hope you return soon.

    For as much as Frodo and Sam walked to Mordor together, it took Gollum to send the Ring into the fires of Mt. Doom. Only then could they return to the Shire and set things aright.

    1. I think the post about the heroic journey was on the wonderful Unpickled’s blog. You might be on to something there about throwing that ring into the fires of Mt Doom. Thank you for all your support. Annie x

  7. Lots of love to you Annie. I too am in the UK, married and a mum – with a zillion day 1s under my belt ! I am also on day 95 now and so totally bowled over by the unexpected happiness and joy I have found in not drinking. My married life has revolved around romantic evenings with wine and lovely meals, but I am having to find a new normal. Nothing though is beating the joy and gratitude I feel each morning in this new life free from rules and controls around wine ! I wish you well, I send you love. Please be gentle on yourself. We are often so cruel in the way we criticise ourselves – we would never treat our friends like that. Be kind to yourself….. And blog soon ….. I will miss your posts. X

  8. Annie, I’m really sorry you’re not going to be blogging. I’ve loved your blog and it’s helped me stay on the straight and narrow, so I’m really sad that it hasn’t worked for you in the same way. I do understand the inescapable pressure around it, so all I can do is wish you well, with a virtual hug.

    I don’t mean this in any way to be unhelpful, but I wanted you to be aware of something that happened to me tonight. I cooked supper for my Beloved and while I was laying the table, I thought about putting a wine glass at his place, and dismissed the idea, because he pours his own wine when he comes downstairs for dinner. That was the last I thought about alcohol until I walked the dog about an hour later, after dinner. I’m on Day 103 and until tonight I had absolutely no idea how strong an influence on me his drinking has been. Of course it’s made it more difficult, and I’d totally underestimated that. I can’t forget about it while someone else is drinking in front of me, and neither can you.

    You did amazingly! Please be proud of what you achieved, and know that you helped me enormously by blogging.


  9. It has to be so hard coming up with writing each day. I totally understand. You have really been an inspiration to me as I too struggle with the same feelings, thoughts, and cravings. I look forward to hearing again from you soon. don’t stay away too long. 🙂 Tina jeanne

    1. I won’t stay away long. I already woke up this morning regretting my hesitancy! Day 6 for me now. Thanks for your support throughout and for your wise words. Annie x

  10. It seems as though you’re kind of seeking permission to give up.Why would you stop trying? I’ve been following your blog and understand how hard walking the walk can be. I’ve had many day ones, sevens, thirties. I got all the way to 210 once and decided to have a toast at my son’s wedding. Three years of drinking followed and then I was back at day one. Stop writing if you must but don’t give up on your sobriety. Of course everyone will be here for you but be there for yourself first. You’re tired. Sober is hard. Rest. Reconsider. No harshness meant! Take good care!

  11. Annie – hello! I’m back from a few weeks of silence myself – it’s how it goes I reckon. Before you go – if you go – I want to thank you so very much for checking I was ok. I wish you love and happiness along the way. Stay true Annie, love from The Sober Garden xx.

  12. I love all the responses you got.
    So in the end, blog when you feel like blogging! You have many cyber friends who would love to hear from you no matter what you feel like writing!

    The secret to happiness is doing what feels right for you! You are important!

  13. Many of us have taken breaks in our blogging. I have personally taken two hiatuses to focus on other things. It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing thing, but this is your journey, your path, your sobriety / life. Whatever it is you choose, I wish you the very best, my friend. We will be here if you decide to return, but you are in our hearts always.


  14. Hey there Annie, sorry for the late comment – busy few days and have been catching up with blogs backwards… Hope you’re doing OK. I can understand you wanting to take a break from blogging if it’s no longer a help and feels like more of a stress, but will miss your posts! Maybe you need some more real life support / counselling? Hope you find something that works for you. Email me any time. Wishing you lots of love. xxx

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