Is everybody else asleep?

I am not sure that it is ‘normal’ to be writing a blog in the small hours.

As I close in on the New Year, I have been thinking about where I am, and what I am doing. About drinking, that is. Last April, I started looking at sober blogs; I did a sober stint, and I think I did well. At that time, I didn’t write a blog, or really read many blogs, I just set out on my own.

Then came the summer, and the summer holidays, and I fell back into my old, bad ways. With the new, Autumn term, I began my blog, and I found real strength and support. But after a while, again I fell back into my old, bad ways.

And now here I am again. I am not in a good place. And I am always here, in the middle of the night, alone, and not tackling my problem.

I think I am going to start writing my blog again. In my everyday world, I am not talking to people about all this. At 12.56am (now!), who would listen?

13 thoughts on “12.45am”

  1. Wide awake here and so happy that you’re here! I know, the anxiety is horrible. Sending you hugs and hope you find the strength to start again.

  2. We are all here for you! Been wondering when you would write again…we are all here to support each other…don’t stay away from sharing your thoughts because you’re still drinking..you’ve done it before and you’ll do it again…just trust in the process!

  3. Talk, talk, talk your feelings and experiences out. Or write, write, write 😀
    We are all here to support each other in this process!!

  4. I would listen! Back in Sept. yours was one of the main blogs I read when I stopped drinking, that was 115 days ago. Belle’s 100 day challenge completed and now on my way to 180. You helped me back then and I think you can help others and yourself if you start giving us your thoughts again.
    Mary 💗💗

  5. I think a few good points are being made here Annie.

    Write whatever you’re thinking ever you’re thinking even when drinking you might find out what your triggers are and when you feel better or don’t etc! Xx

  6. i was not up at midnight but here i am and i am listening and reading. we all struggle. i am very new to this sobriety gig and and trying read and post to various sobriety blogs to help keep myself accountable and to learn from all the lovely people out there that have some sober time. so we are not alone. if you are not happy where you are– change it. 🙂 easier said than done but lets do this! day one can always begin today. keep posting and i will keep reading.

  7. I am here listening and reading too! I think blogging and reading blogs every day is a great thing to do. It has most definitely helped me. Whenever I feel down I just go on here and read people’s stories. It gives me hope. I tried to quit many times before, and this time, with all of this and joining Belle’s challenge, I have found it easier. There is so much support here. You are not alone ❤

  8. Hey there Annie, good to hear from you. Was wondering how you were getting on. One of the lovely things about the sober blogging community, is that not matter what time of day you post, there is always someone awake! You have a lot of fellowship here. We understand how you feel and how tough this is. It’s a good time to start over. Always is. xx

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