Every day is like Friday

It seems as though the Christmas celebrations started way back in late November, and that’s when my recent drinking pattern started to become more worrying. Drinks parties, school events, or even just being at home getting ready for Christmas – it provided me with an excuse to open a bottle. Now I’m hitting my first Friday of this new sober stretch (Day 4) and because every day for weeks has felt like a Friday, today doesn’t. As I went round the supermarket with my kids, sending them off on challenges to find the peach nectar, or the lemon and lime seltzer, I was relieved to bypass the wine corner (it’s not an aisle, it’s a whole area), and head for the ginger ale. As I need some more strategies this time round, I am trying to be more inventive with my mocktails; my tonic, lime, grenadine mix – though delicious – started to get on my nerves after a while.

Fridays have always been my favourite evening of the week, with that sense of anticipation. Even as I write about being glad that I’m taking a break from the Friday madness, I feel a small disappointment. I never really got to grips with the alternative treat method that other sober bloggers seemed to master – that pjs, slippers, scented candle routine. Perhaps now is the time really to give this a go? Because this time, it has got to work; I cannot keep going back.

18 thoughts on “Every day is like Friday”

  1. Annie, you don’t have to stay in. Maybe go to a movie then dessert after at a nice coffee house instead. Personally I think it would be hard to stay in. Kind of boring. It will get easier I promise, really. The beginning is hard because it’s on your mind all the time but won’t be always. Happy New Year! So glad you are doing this.

  2. I’m glad that you’re feeling optimistic. Me too. I’ve realised through reading your blog that my previous two month stint of sobriety started on exactly the same day as yours at the end if August but you got to two days longer than me. I’d love to be on over 100 days now, as we would have been if we’d carried on, but there’s no point looking to the past. I believe that those 40 days helped me to be stronger this time and hopefully it will be the same for you. We’ve had a taste of feeling well
    Best wishes

  3. annie– yes i too am glad the holidays are over where everyday feels like a friday. i am fairly new to sobriety so i am reading and posting to keep myself accountable. but i, like you, am not so sure about the jammies, candles etc. although i do enjoy a downtime night reading and chilling. lets do this~

  4. Good job, isn’t it a nice sense of accomplishment to wheel right by that wine “section”? I’m in need of some AF alternatives too. Blogs are such great forums for recipe posting. I’ll definitely share when I come up with something. Made it to Midnight was talking about soda streams being amazing. I think I’ll dust mine off now that my beverage routine is undergoing a change.

  5. Ah, Fridays…and we have had a lot of them the last few weeks, right? I think the hardest part is wine o’clock – 5 to 7 or so. By 7:30 or 8, if you have stayed out of the sauce, it gets easier to finish the night. The ‘idea’ of the scented candle and slippers appeals to me but in reality, it just doesn’t seem feasible in my house, at least not at 6 pm (or before 10 for that matter). Can you get out of the house for a walk or take little ones to park or something? Tonight I am going to a cross fit session at 4:30 that will take until after 6 to get home from, and then wine o’clock will be halfway over. I might try to plan a few more early evening exercise classes as a strategy for the next several days.

    Whatever it takes. Like you, I cannot go back. We’ve got this!



  6. “Can’t go back” is a great phrase to keep repeating as we fight off the urges! It’s helped me get to 119 days. You’ll get there, not easy but feels soooo good!
    Mary. 💗💗

  7. Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.Don’tGoBack.

    Let’s Not Go Back, ok? Let’s rock out 2015, sober like.

  8. I agree with sobriety rising. If I can keep myself occupied from 4-7 I can make it through the night. I’ve also adjusted my bedtime so I go to sleep earlier. Or I climb in bed to watch a movie and sometimes the kids join me. Regardless you’ve got to find something that works for you. Keep up the good work!

  9. The Fridays when I have had the most success (and not felt like I’ve been missing out) are when I have organised something, dressed up, gone out, ordered delicious mocktails and danced. I’m a fun, social, outgoing person. Being sober doesn’t change that.

  10. Yes try many new things and keep trying until something clicks. Unlike many others I don’t feel I need fizzy alcohol alternatives but I have a new assortment of teas and that works for me! You will find what works for you!

  11. Treats treats and more treats every single day because for me like you everyday was like a Friday

    🙂 its hard to treat yourself
    Lovely but it works. Be your own bestfriend.

    My treats vary but every night early evening I have my sober bath, bubbles, often podcasts and for 15-20 minutes its just me and sober time.

    It sets me up for the night. Drowns that blasted wolfie.

  12. Fridays are the hardest for me still. If I have something planned, it helps. Either date night (yeah right, like that happens), bath, ordering in (happens all the time), planning to watch a movie after the kids are in bed, a special dessert with the kids, or I do some online shopping for a great deal! Those witching hours are a beast at the beginning. It gets much easier the more you do it. You can do it!

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