Day 16

I’m feeling more positive today. ย I had been worried that cutting the coffee would be dire, and it initially seemed dire, but today I’ve felt better, and the headaches seem to have gone. I guess this may go up and down, but at this very moment I am ok!

And after 16 days of giving up alcohol, not drinking coffee is a welcome distraction; for the first time in over two weeks, I even momentarily stopped thinking about drinking! Who knew!

I am always cautious when I start feeling more bonny… In the past, that has caused complacency and relapse, so I won’t whoop yet. But perhaps it is alright to be a little bit pleased today?

13 thoughts on “Day 16”

  1. So the caffeine free thing has turned out to have a silver lining!! Who knew is right! Hang in there ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. A bonny feeling is perfect! Enjoy feeling well. Remember it so on the less bonny days when you start to doubt or become complacent, you’ll be able to quickly see how much better you feel when sober…and caffeine free. Gotta give you props for that one! No way I’m showing up on a caffeine free celebration roundup!

  3. Hi Annie! So glad to see you are doing well! I’m right here with you, day 11 this time. Keep going! I’m so happy to read you are feeling good…yippeeeee for a good day (I know all too well that at first these are hard to come by!) xoxo

  4. Be a lot pleased. Pat yourself on the back. Give yourself a high five and a big hug.

    Just remember to pay close attention to how you are feeling.

    You’re on a roll!!!


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