Day 20

When I woke up this morning, I made a mental note that I felt good and that I would put this in my blog. Banish the gloom! Be more upbeat! I do feel clear headed and calm when I wake, and this has really helped me cope with kids, family life etc. I often write my posts later in the day, when the cravings have started to nag me, so I’m writing this earlier in the hope that it doesn’t sound so depressed.

On another positive note, last night my children said how much nicer I’ve been these past 20 days. I think schools do a lot of work about the perils of drinking and drugs, so all three kids are currently anti-alcohol; my 10 year old says she is going to be teetotal. It helps to have these mini accountability members in my sober group, and they keep me on track. Having a mother who reads to them every night now rather than sloping off down to the kitchen is a good thing, and I need to remember that.

So. Still cross that I can’t drink, but grateful that I have people in my life who care about whether I drink or not.  Opening the wine bottle now would feel like a kind of betrayal: of them, of you guys, of myself.

19 thoughts on “Day 20”

  1. Glad you’re feeling a bit more upbeat. Those “little people” are what it’s all about. (Mine are 19/16/14 year old twins). I KNOW I am a much better mom when I’m not drinking. Keep going! I’m a day ahead of you, so everything you’ve been posting has been resonating with me.

  2. You sound sooooo strong!! Grateful trumps cross anytime, keep it going!
    Sending lots of strength and hugs!
    Mary. 💗💗

  3. wow….a lot in common with you!
    I just found your blog…I’m glad I did.. My kids are anti-alcohol too and sometimes we have to sit back and believe that they are in our lives to teach us about who we really are. I look forward to reading more about your last 20 days!! I’m on day 22 ….. let’s keep going….cause feeling super good in the mornings are so worth it….and having our kids notice that we are nicer is priceless.

  4. Hang onto that clear-headed and calm feeling. And the fact that your kids are noticing. Those are both great payoffs that can help keep you on the sobriety path.

    Cheering you on!!!!

  5. Lovely.
    Ot is good to focus on the positives. If you continue to have low moods you may want to talk to your doctor.
    Depression and addiction often go together. They did for me.
    There are some natural mood boosters, too. Vitamin D, sunshine, etc.

    You are doing great and it is really nice to have support amd validation from your kids. They know so much more than we think.

    So happy for you! Stick with it.


  6. Yay!!!! So happy for you! Hold on to these good feelings and how great it is to be a sober Mom. These are the things that carry us all through the rough waters. ❤️ Tricia

  7. I am glad I read your post today, Annie!
    I love kids, being as I am a retired teacher.
    They say it loud and clear.
    I have high and low days, and on my low days, I re-read my high days posts, and I feel better!
    Peace and Hugs!

  8. Hi Annie, I’m really enjoying your blog. I’ve been struggling desperately with stopping and starting, it’s so bloody exhausting, you don’t ever want to go back there. What always gets me back into ‘starting’ mode is my kids. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than leaning across my daughter’s bed, tucking her in and giving her a goodnight kiss without breathing wine all over her. When I want a glass of wine at 6 o’clock I try to play the night forward to that point. I have to keep reminding myself of this.
    I think you’re doing amazingly.

      1. Thanks Annie. I’m always counting just haven’t made it to double digits in a while! Coming to the end of another day two here and finding solace in your blog and all the inspirational comments. You have a great community of support. Rose x

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