Please drink responsibly

Isn’t that what they put at the bottom of alcohol advertisements? If I could drink responsibly, then I wouldn’t be here blogging! In the past few weeks, as I have gone back and forth in my mind about stuff, I have often contemplated the notion of drinking in a sensible fashion: one drink, not twenty drinks. But who does that? Β Who has one drink?

Headline story in today’s Times newspaper is about how it’s actually good for you to drink one drink, something about how it helps to protect you from heart disease. There is a sentence about how drinking more than that is very bad for you, but I still find it disconcerting when I read things about abstinence not being the best choice. I find myself almost looking for articles like this, searching for an escape route.

Annie! Stop doing that! Stop looking for escape routes! Carry on with your mocktails, and your baths, and your reading to the kids, and stop making such a fuss! Day 22!

I am talking to myself. Is this the first sign of madness?

17 thoughts on “Please drink responsibly”

  1. I hear everything your saying. Do not try and talk yourself out of not drinking. Remember one drink won’t be enough. Even though I don’t drink anymore I still don’t understand what’s the point of one drink. πŸ˜€. Yup, one 4 oz glass of red wine is good for you. But who does that. Also more than that is bad so just get that out of your mind and keep fighting the good fight.

  2. Second sign of madness is texting yourself….I know I do!

    Great writing there Annie and so true!

    Hugs, mocktails, baths, story books and more hugs.

    Day 22 epic!

  3. Talking to yourself is perfect. It is hard to fool yourself out loud!

    I expect any article showing booze os good for you is sponsored by an alcohol company.
    Read about all the cancers associated with alcohol use. That will calm your concerns.

    You are doing great. Keep at it.


  4. Very strong association of alcohol and breast cancer. Also, women have a much lower threshold for alcohol-induced cirrhosis of the liver due to percentage of body fat, compared with men. Most of the studies of the benefit of alcohol on the heart were done in men, not in women, so when you read those studies, take that into account.

  5. Those ads that promote one drink per day bug me too. But, WE know what alcohol does to our body and our BRAIN! You are now teaching your brain other ways it can be rewarded…and that includes what you are doing every night with your kids and family. I must feel really proud of yourself! xoxoxo

  6. OMG!!! I ALWAYS wondered, “One drink? Who does that?”

    Even now when I think about drinking it’s NEVER one drink…I mean seriously? Why even bother?

    Day 22 is amazeballs!


  7. Having ONE drink is like having decaf coffee in the morning. NOT HAPPENING. Hang in. you’re doing great! (and did you smack that b*tch yet?!?;) )

  8. I could never have just one drink. Not ever. I’d rather have none than one. If ever I was going to drink I made sure there was more than enough because once I started I had to carry on. I know there are those that can. I live with five people who are legally old enough to drink, including my husband, and all if them are able to have one or two. They are able to open wine and not carry on until it’s gone. But not me. I have a whole different attitude. Because I stopped drinking on the 28th of December we still have Xmas alcohol left, as the others can take it or leave it. Thankfully the younger people haven’t connected that with me not drinking. They don’t seem to mind one way or another whether I drink or not which is a relief. My drinking hasn’t really impacted on their lives, which was always really important to me. But it’s impacting on my life, and I matter too. I hope you can stay strong Annie, and I hope that I can too, because I think we both know that we can’t do this normal business around alcohol that others seem to be able to. I’m with you all the way x

  9. Yes, a single glass of red wine does appear to benefit gut flora as well as cardiovascular health. But so do many other things.

    If you’re really interested in the idea of healthful gut organisms, may I suggest yogurt or probiotic pills? And since you’re deeply concerned with cardiovascular fitness, may I suggest running or weightlifting? πŸ™‚

    A little bit of wine may be good for you, but it’s not good for YOU. Get my drift?

  10. Annie…we all understand this thinking…I suggest a book, Her Best Kept Secret. When you read in print how women were specifically targeted by wine companies and all the brainwashing the alcohol companies do daily it will make you angry!
    Some people can have A glass of wine but do you honestly believe you can do this? We’ve all had this same argument with ourselves which has led to NO!!! You are doing awesome!!!

  11. We all know we can’t have one drink. I’m sure everyone here talks to themselves. This is all normal stuff! This is why blogging is so great, we can put our thoughts down and realize we aren’t alone with our thoughts afterall! Cheers to 22 days!

  12. Wow!! 22 days πŸ˜€. Way to go and keep going. Sounds like things are lightening up a bit for you, hope that continues.

    And whoever DOES have one drink? Not me! Go big or don’t go. Don’t go is best, hands down.

    Glad you are here with me 😊. Glad you are enjoying your children while sober, too – a gift, right?



  13. I often wonder about those stories too. How can even one glass be actually good for you? And who even wants only one?! Certainly not me! The alcohol industry has a lot to answer to. Keep up the good work Annie, you are doing really well. A x

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