It’s Day 24, and I guess I should be feeling good about that. But I can’t seem to shake off this low, flat feeling. My tummy problem is still faintly there; it has improved, particularly since I stopped the coffee, but it hasn’t completely gone and that worries me a little. At least it stops me from drinking: it would clearly be crazy to exacerbate my symptoms. But in an odd way, this physical problem almost prevents me from enjoying and getting on with the mental side of sobriety. It feels too easy: possible stomach inflammation = no alcohol. But what about when I am mended (I hope)? Will it then be easy to make excuses and start drinking again?

It is 3.30pm, and this is a typical 3.30pm thought process, the downward twist towards the evening and another weekend on the horizon.

So – enough grey thoughts! A couple of good points to focus on: skin clear and dare I say rosy (I always notice this when I’m not drinking; forget skin products, no booze is the best skincare out there); patience with kids and time for reading to them in the evenings continues with our speeding through Harry Potter with glee (MTM asked me which book I was on in a previous comment: just finishing the first one, but this is the FOURTH time I have read the whole series to them. Aaaarrrrgggghhh); and my mocktail menu has increased today as I found a cucumber mint martini on the Internet.  I will try it tonight and let you know whether it is good, or if it tastes of liquid salad.

10 thoughts on “Lonely”

  1. I noticed queasy feelings as well. Thay are long gone now but I went through it a second time weaning off the sugar. Im not sure if its the same issue you’re having. Youre progressing well. 🙂

  2. I’m on day 28, and also occasionally have that flat feeling. I think it might be that the novelty is wearing off. Kind of like “is this it?” I think this is when you need to keep your head down and power through, even though it seems boring and not fun. And then soon, not drinking will seem like the normal thing, and those flat feelings will dissipate. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

    And day 24 – yes, you should feel good about that. It’s a lot! Keep going!

  3. Yay for 24 days.
    The flate feeling can be some small grief that comes with change. Even a good change can be scary and taking care of ourselves is necessary.

    Stomach problems are a nightmare. Mine continue to come and go, although it is nice to be able to cross alcohol off as the cause. In fact, i think for years i was so sure it was the booze that i never considered other culprits. Being doagnosed with celiac disease really opened my eyes.

    I’m off to the wizarding world of harry potter this weekend. I will think of you while i am there.

    I am looking forward to 8 days at theme parks without a hangover. Thee alternative would have been much to horrible to consider.

    Stick with it my dear. Life is beckoning!


  4. I too am having those feelings of being a bit down, and just generally bleh. But I’m sure this will pass. Well done on your 24 days! I am right behind you with 21. 🙂

  5. 24 days is awesome!
    I have those same tummy issues.
    I can only have a little bit of coffee a day.
    So glad you are reading to your kids!!!
    (I am a retired teacher, LOL)

  6. I remember feeling shitty for the first 3 months. It would come and go, up and down. Now I realize it was PAWS. I never thought I was addicted to alcohol. I thought, I will just quit, and everything will be fine. In hind site, yeah right…
    Hooray for 24 days!

  7. Awesome, 24 days!! Stay strong! You sound happy and pleased with yourself, that will take you a long way. Keep it up, proud of you!
    Mary 💗💗

  8. ‘No booze is the best skincare out there’ – YES INDEED. Love that, and some moments it is enough reason to not drink. The grayish, red veiny, bloated look is really not great on me. When I’ve felt a bit flat the last few days, I have tried to remember that I felt plenty flat (flattened!) on hangover days (almost every day). So a bit flat is actually an improvement and it doesn’t seem to last as long. Does that make sense? I hope so. And thanks for your comment on my blog. I like knowing I am not alone, it helps a lot especially in the white knuckle moments :).



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