Finding another way

Heading into the evening of Day 3, and at the moment it is all about finding alternatives. It is my youngest daughter’s birthday today: that would usually mean champagne at some point (oddly, on a child’s birthday) but it’s just been sparkling water. I had also been dreading the outdoor tree top activity (!) we had planned with her friends, but when it came to it, I really enjoyed it. I was scared at first when I had to jump off a high platform, but I put faith in the harness, closed my eyes, and fell forward.

Alternative to the witching hour wine? A tonic and grenadine, or a ginger ale with lime, and I will make myself make this at 6pm.

Wine with dinner? Back to the sparkling water, but in a nice glass, not just a water glass.

Slowly drinking wine, then realising I’ve drunk three-quarters of a bottle, while my husband and I chat over the cooking? Instead, I’m trying to keep the supper preparation simple. Sure, there may be less wind-down time with my husband, and more Sunday evening television may be watched, but at the moment this is what I need to do.

I wouldn’t have attempted that tree top walk without the harness and safety clips, and you were never allowed to move on without always being attached by both clips. Likewise, I can’t move forward on this sober path without knowing that I have a safety plan in place, a series of alternatives to replace my old, destructive patterns. It’s not magic!  I can’t fly yet!

13 thoughts on “Finding another way”

  1. Good going Annie! Glad you are back and ‘in it.’ What a blessing that someone sent you Belle’s stuff. Your last post re your kids = spot on. They DO know and they are so, so much more at peace when you are at peace (read: not battling the bottle, not struggling thru drunken evenings and hungover mornings). Keep it all up, and good for you.



  2. Hey you. Those ropes challenge courses are fun and scary. I’ve done a few in my day and wouldn’t DREAM of doing them drunk, hungover, or even tipsy. No way.

    Clip in and fly!

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