Buying glasses

Day 7 and perhaps what you should not be doing on Day 7 is buying cocktail glasses. But yes, that’s what I’m doing. Fear not, they aren’t for me. My daughter is having a 1920s party next weekend, and as part of the dinner, she is having mocktails at the start. She asked if they could have a glass of something alcoholic, but I said no; so they are going to experience a fabulous AF mocktail instead.

Back to the glasses: it is not easy to find these things in bulk, and I have found myself on various Internet sites which sell an astonishing array of alcohol-related stuff. I had no idea that there were so many varieties of glasses for different alcoholic drinks. And as I pressed the order button, I felt a wave of sadness that I was unable to enjoy cocktails anymore. At the same time, I didn’t like the feeling that a particular glass signified a particular drink, and that it sort of pulled me in with its message of sophistication and intrigue. These things that surround the ritual of drinking, whether it’s the type of glass, the sound of a bottle being uncorked, the line-up of bottles in a bar…these are dangerous things.

Is it better for my 16 year old daughter to experience drinking a delicious, alcohol-free drink out of a cocktail glass, or for her to sneak gin in a normal water glass? She’s never done this, but it’s the kind of horror story I hear.

A week ago, I was about to buy that tin of g & t for my train journey, and as I opened it and drank it on the train, I felt ashamed. Today, I should be feeling proud of myself as I prepare a bottle of tap water for the same train journey; but in fact, I suddenly feel overwhelmed by tiredness.

14 thoughts on “Buying glasses”

  1. Went through the sweet 16 “Gatsby” rage last year– a lot of the girls gave out champagne glasses (not flutes) filled with candies in their “theme” colors. I thought this was better than having “mocktails” in them. As a parent of 4 teenagers, they’re going to drink no matter the glass/bottle/water bottle/hairspray bottle.
    As for YOU, I feel your exhaustion. We spend so much time in our heads sometimes. Just be proud that you are here today.

  2. Of course you feel tired! What you’re doing is hard. Really hard work!! Plus your body is adjusting to being without anesthesia! You should feel tired…and proud! On Day 7, exhausted by being free of alcohol, it’s a great feeling! Keep the momentum going!

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