Rocky Path, part 2

Second post today, which is a bit excessive I know, but in the spirit of honesty which is sober blogging (at least, I assume everyone is honest, there’d be little point otherwise, wouldn’t there?), I wanted to write that I am REALLY STRUGGLING TONIGHT.

I know. It’s only Day 8 and it’s Friday evening, so I am in a danger zone. I’ve been desperately listening to sober audios, and to episodes of The Bubble Hour, and I’m wearing my bracelet, and I know what I have to do…but I am struggling. I am really struggling.

34 thoughts on “Rocky Path, part 2”

  1. Can you just end the day? Go to bed? Hide in the tub? Watch mindless tv?
    Sending you strength.
    I hate Fridays and Saturdays.

  2. Hi Annie. I haven’t posted on your blog – or anywhere for that matter! I’ve been reading all of your posts though and am inspired. I too am sitting with the Friday night grumbles (the poor me, poor me, pour me a drink ones…). But you really don’t need it. What I do is play it forward to the inevitable conclusion which is far from a ‘normal’ glass of wine to reward yourself at the end of the week. For a start a glass is never enough for me and I know what it really leads to is a pit of despair. I too am going for a 100 days sober (no idea what to do if/when I reach it!). I just want the day to come when I no longer have that battle with myself – the one you had last night going to the train. You are not alone, these feelings you are having are shared and if that helps you then take it and add it to all the good things you know you experience when you don’t drink. Make one of your AF drinks, have a bath, scream into a drawer (that helps me), sing something stupid really loudly. Anything, to get out of this – it is only temporary and before you know it you’ll be on day 9. Hope this helps, not used to posting… xxx

    1. Hello, Stella. Your comment really helped me, so thanks for posting. This stuff is hard. Glad you’re on the 100 day challenge too: what day are you on? Annie x

      1. Hi Annie. I hope you are ok? I only just saw this (new to this blogging malarky). As of today, 4th March I’m on day 47. Look forward to hearing from you again soon xx

  3. Hoping you have made it through. Weekends really suck sometimes. Always try to think about tomorrow and how you will feel with drinking and then without it 🙂

  4. Your MIND is having thoughts. They are only thoughts so change them. Try minfulness and Meditation. Ring a sober buddy. Go to bed?
    Dont drink or youll be back at day 1 and you want that LESS dont you?????? Mmmm, YES

    1. I think this comment was the moment that got me to decide: drink or not drink. And I didn’t drink! No medals, I know, but I’m so glad. Annie x

      1. I thought about my first days and weeks of sobriety and I am in awe of you sharing your journey.

        I was so lost in self pity and fear for a while. It would never have occurred to me to look for help like this.

  5. When I had those times, what helped me was yelling.
    I yelled at those horrible urges, and it rally helped.
    Going to bed early is good too.

  6. Hey, I read somewhere that our subconscious doesn’t understand negatives. It’s why if I say, “Don’t think of a pink elephant,” you automatically think of a pink elephant. So telling yourself, “Just don’t drink, just don’t drink,” may actually be reinforcing the idea of “drink, drink.”

    Wonder if it would help to tell yourself, “Stay sober.” Or, “Keep drinking ginger beer with lime.”

    I deeply and truly hope you’ve made it through to Day 9.

  7. Good Morning. 6am here in the US. Thanks for being honest with your struggles. We all have them and understand what you go thru as we all do. My sincere wish is that you feel better today and stronger.

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