A second post in one day, for the second day running. I really need the blog at the moment; it helps me so much. I’m about to get ready for this party. It’s a group of parents from my youngest daughter’s class, a boozy crowd who I know will give me grief for not drinking. After the last two evenings’ difficulties, I feel a bit tense, but I think I can do it.

A fellow sober blogger, More To Me Than This, once wrote about focusing on getting ready for a party, enjoying that part of the process, so that’s what I’m about to do. I’m going to have a nice bath, choose carefully what I’m going to wear, attempt not to look haggard, and use the time as part of the self-care so important in sobriety. I’ve always liked getting ready for parties but then usually ruin it by drinking too much, shouting rubbish, looking dreadful by the end and not really remembering anything about the party anyway.

It will be a challenge tonight. I expect there will be a pretty poor choice of AF drinks, and I don’t want to draw too much attention to my not drinking by taking along a mocktail concoction. The crowd there are party animals and I am worried I’ll feel left out and distant. I could not go, but I don’t want to pull out at this stage; having hosted these things in the past, it can be depressing when people don’t come.

But it is my choice to go, so I will make it work. I feel strong inside, and tomorrow will be Day 10.

19 thoughts on “Party”

  1. Bring something you like to drink (seriously, it will be easier than having the host look for something if they aren’t prepared) and immediately say you have a headache/early morning tomorrow etc when you get there. So you will be having a short visit and then leaving.

    Honestly, I often go to these events anticipating drunken debauchery and it is never as boozy as I expect.

    Don’t stay past your comfort zone. You have nothing to prove to anyone there. And if they are all drinking they seriously only care where the next drink is.


  2. Hope you read all your comments before you go, for tonight we are your strength. At day 176 I can honestly say I don’t mind stay a bit longer than I want to just to see how loud, obnoxious, and embarrassing the drinkers are. Sort of selfish but sure makes me feel strong! I will be thinking of you and sending strength your way !
    Mary. 💗💗

  3. Hi. Yes the fact “you have a headache” and are driving is a perfect escape hatch. Is hubby on board with your plan???? He should be

  4. Hi Annie,
    The prettier I feel when I go to a party, the less I feel like drinking!
    Being the DD is a good idea too!
    Have fun, laugh, and then leave!

  5. I am smiling the “been there” smile reading the line about ruining the night by drinking too much, shouting rubbish (aka talking like an assh*le here in the states) and not remembering. I like when I’m at the party and someone else does that! then it’s hilarious!!!! Keep us posted!!

  6. Hope you did the headache thing and left early..some very good advice above. Stay the course…you will feel great upon waking tomorrow and they will feel like crap!

  7. Hi Annie, how’d it go? In my first sobriety attempt I used to hate going to parties with my old drinking crowd. I remember the fear and anxiety smacking at me lile waves and having to grit my teeth until they ebbed away. The nicest part is being able to escape when people start to get too boozed and snuggling down into your bed knowing tomorrow your head will be clear and you’ll feel super xx

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