Passport to success?

Day 3. I had some passport photos taken today.  Yuck, I look like a convict, and with such large bags under my eyes I could be 404, not 44. It made me realise quite how badly I’ve been treating myself lately, drinking so much, and so carelessly. I’ve noticed before that when I do stop drinking – although it needs to be for longer than a few days – those bags diminish.

So, in a mission to start tackling those heavy eyes, and in an attempt to quell the slight panic I’m feeling on a Friday night, I am trying to focus on the whole self-care thing that people talk about in sobriety. I’ve always slightly scoffed at the notion of self-care because I think it can sound self-indulgent; but I now see how important it is. I need to heal, and I need to be not horrified by my passport picture. The convict look is definitely not the way forward.

Elderflower bubbly, bath, candles, maybe a film later… And a firm resolution not to waver this time round.

11 thoughts on “Passport to success?”

  1. I always think its really mean of them not to allow smiling on the passport photo!

    You can do this Annie, enjoy your sober Friday night – savour your self care rituals x

  2. lots and lots of treats required. i have noticed this week that without them, you get a bit fragile and lapse. keep them up and self care is NOT self indulgent.

  3. Lisa is right!
    Give yourself tons of self-care.
    If you don’t care for yourself, who will?

  4. I’ve found a new interest in skin care in,sobriety. I’m more than willing to shell out the $$ for a nice smelling cream. And I use it. Lol

    Motivation to drink more water.

  5. Passport photos are always the pits! Just think how lovely you will look a little while down the track. Enjoy you Friday night. Treats are something I’ve never done but should probably consider, seeing that I haven’t been successful before! From what others say, self care is important. And as Wendy says, if you don’t take care of yourself who will? So true. A x

  6. You go girl! Self care is a learning experience for all of us…as others have said..treats, treats and more treats…very important!
    Big hug!!!

  7. I had passport pictures taken today too! And I looked like an old lady convict with bags under my eyes . . . and jowls! Where did they come from? Seriously, I don’t think passport pictures are allowed to look good.

    I also scoffed a bit at self care at first – thought I should just muscle through without it. But it really does help. Once you get used to indulging yourself with treats, it’s really fun, especially when you remember why you’re doing it. Keep going!

  8. Didn’t anybody ever tell you that photographers are all enrolled in a secret contest, “The Most Hellish Passport of the Year Photo Contest” aka “Did You Check For A Pulse On This Corpse” Contest.

    Congratulation on having the balls to not give up. That takes a pair, or two. My final Day 1 was brought about by someone posting a response on a message board to yet another Day 1 post of mine. “Reading about all of your Day 1’s is exhausting me.” is what she said. She pissed me off, but I am eternally thankful to her. I owe her my life.

    You want a real fright? Hit on this blog post of my before and after pictures. “

    If that don’t scare you sober, nothing will.

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