50 years

No, not yet 50 years old (I’m 44), but 50 years of marriage – my parents’ marriage. And this evening I am going to a big dinner to celebrate it. So early in sobriety, it is not advisable to go to a dinner with champagne, white and red wine, and I think pudding wine, but of course I must go, and I want to go. I am their only child – my brother died when I was 21 – so it will be a moving event.

But the drink?

My intention is to be sober, not only because I am on Day 5 of my challenge, but more because I want to be present for the occasion, to savour every moment. And yet I know it won’t be easy to avoid those twinkling glasses, not to get caught up in the celebratory atmosphere.

Yesterday, schooseslife’s comment on my blog got me thinking in a different way. I’m a bit doom and gloom about sobriety (have you noticed?!?!?), and I think it would be helpful if I made a list of some of the things which I gain through being sober; they may be pretty obvious, but it’s amazing how easily I forget them:

* no hangovers (my hangovers were getting worse recently, and would sometimes last all day)

* more patient with my family (husband and children)

* more likely to get things done in the evening

* healthier food choices (begone Kettle Chips! Well, not completely…)

* fewer opportunities to ring people up while drinking wine and advise them about their failing marriage (this has been a feature the last month or so, and I don’t think my advice is necessarily welcome)

* more likely to exercise

* more likely to write my diary every day (huge gaps recently)

* no need to hide bottles underneath the mustard glass jars in the recycling bin

* less likely to damage my body (though I’ve had a good go at this)

I’m sure I’ll think of more as I walk the dog.  I’ll be thinking about my challenge tonight as I head to the dinner; I might even print out this list and take it with me.

4 thoughts on “50 years”

  1. A golden anniversary is wonderful and sober Annie is going to be completely present for the celebration which is also wonderful. You get to be dignified and genuinely you. There are so many gifts of sobriety and they keep emerging so be positive and feel proud 🙂 x

  2. I feel a kinship with you. I am also in my 40s, with hubby & kids, my parents will celebrate 50 yrs of marriage this year and I have relapsed a lot in my struggle with sobriety. i’m slowly but surely starting to actually take some of the advice ive been given. I’m taking action & doing the suggestions rather than just reading them. Belle must have reset my Day 1 a billion times in the 100 day challenge. I get so frustrated with my relapses but someone replied to a comment I left on a sober blog once that we dont truly fail unless we quit trying. I use that to inspire me to keep me going. For tonite, I suggest you go, have a non-alcoholic drink that you enjoy available, eat dessert and if you have to, leave early. Just think about how skinny & hot we’re going to be after a few months of not drinking!!!! at least, that’s what I keep telling myself. take care of yourself. 🙂

  3. Add to your list extremely proud of yourself, happy with yourself! Single best thing I’ve ever done for myself – very proud of ME! Your parents want “their” Annie at their celebration. Enjoy it sober. 😄
    Mary 💕💕

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