Although I have never met the people who comment on my blog, or who contact me through email, they feel like my friends; I feel as though I’ve met you all. I wish I could meet you! I am so grateful when I read the heartfelt comments. Their advice comes from a good place. It may sometimes seem from my blog posts that I don’t listen, or don’t act upon the advice, but let me tell you that I do. My blog cannot possibly tell you 100% of what I do (who’d want to read all that!), and is really just a snapshot of events based around my attempts to get sober.

I started the blog last September, and began reading and commenting on sober blogs a few months earlier, in April 2014. And I was reading around sobriety and addiction for years before that. But only since I started Belle’s 100 day challenge, and blogging regularly, have I acted on the advice I’ve received. Some examples of action: I’ve gone to some meetings; I’ve seen an addiction counsellor; I’ve given up drinking for several long-ish stretches; I’ve seen my doctor. Ok, I haven’t yet reached the holy grail of complete sobriety, but slowly I am edging my way towards it.

What I’m trying to say is: I do listen; I do try out things I’m advised to do; I do fail; but I do succeed as well. It’s not the greatest sober story ever written, but it’s my story and I’m working on it. And I am so very grateful for all your support.

15 thoughts on “Listening”

  1. We all appreciate your support too Annie. This journey is bloody hard which is why we’re here, sharing our stories and crying out for help. Take care. Your time will come.this is my third serious attempt and I can feel something shifting this time. It’s hard. I had a miserable night last night sat around a table watching everyone get drunk and loud. I couldn’t wait to get home and left my husband and daughter there. But today I’m glad. If people thought I was being anti social do what.ive had a nice, peaceful hangover free Sunday. I put ME first which was a bit weird but I will be practising it more x

  2. Hi Annie I have been reading your blog from the start. I began my AF journey for the millioneth time in August 2014 and am still on it !!!! You can do this. I did. Life is so much better now. What really really strikes me though is the strength and positivity that shines through in your voice every time you get into double digits !!!!! Please keep going. Please read right back and notice how your blogging voice changes over time. X

  3. Annie…you will get there honestly…I know you feel like it is taking too long etc but it is a process only helped by loving yourself and reaching out to others..all of us had to do things our own way..keep writing and pouring out your soul…wishing you the peace you so desire!

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