Brief blog through the craving

Second post today, because I am experiencing an intense craving and wanted to blog about it, rather than drink over it. Just past 6pm and I’ve been feeling it for about half an hour. I had to drive my son to cricket, and I used to buy wine or prosecco on my way back to drink quietly at home. My husband would then collect our son, so I could drink more at that point too. Today, I felt a strong urge to take my purse with me, and to stop off and buy some drink. So, in my new frame of mind, the first step I took was NOT to take any money with me. All the way to the cricket and back, I fumed. But it was a good decision.

I’m still slap bang in the middle of the craving though. Yuck. So my next step is going to be to make a little something to eat, and an alcohol free drink, before I cook supper. Because I need to feed the urge safely somehow.

It is difficult and painful.

20 thoughts on “Brief blog through the craving”

  1. That was me last night, but I lost the battle. Using your writing today to keep me on the right track tonight

  2. Glug glug soft drinks. Maybe fizzy ones. It worked for me. Eating chocolate meant I didn’t fancy wine but then that spoils your supper plans. Finally ENJOY the change in routine. Drinking is boring – it means doing exactly the same bloody thing EVERY bloody evening. There’s more to life than that !!!! Xx

    1. I like the idea of enjoying the change. I spend so much time wishing things would be the same; and what does THAT mean? Same hangovers? Same sluggishness? Annie x

      1. I did, despite a frustrating evening watching my kid get benched for the second consecutive baseball game. Normally, that would require beer to make me forget about my frustration and anger, but I resisted. Day 2.

    1. Thank you for continuing to support me. I STILL can’t seem to leave a comment on your blog! I don’t know why it’s not working. Annie x

  3. The first days (regardless of how many 1st days) truly suck! I’m on day 30 wine-free and (as you know) it does get easier. On day 14 I had a 2 hour fight with myself in my head, I sounded like a crazy person, “I wanna drink the wine but I can’t drink the wine!!” Remind yourself that you’re just not doing that today. Tomorrow same thing: Not today.

  4. So strange how in the early days of quitting your entire life and daily habits work against you. Your comment about dropping your son at cricket made me think about it. The first week I basically had to blow up my own life to avoid daily drinking habits. Making dinner, coming home from work, tidying the house, all those things signaled that it was time for a drink. I had to hide in bed! Thank heavens eventually I stopped craving vino while cooking.

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