I’m typing this on my phone as I’m away this weekend. On the drive here, I told my husband that I’d gone to a meeting last week and that I really needed his help and support. Today is my new Day One and it feels different because I’m being more honest with myself about reaching out. It’s no use trying to tackle this alone; my husband needs to be completely aware and on side. This evening, when we’re having supper with my sister-in-law and her family – these family occasions are big triggers for me – I have brought some good AF alternatives with me from home: a rose lemonade thing and a Becks Blue beer.

It felt good to be more open with my husband. He admitted that he’d been aware I was struggling but hoped it would somehow resolve itself; but we agreed that day by day, total abstinence was what I needed, as my drinking had definitely been getting worse.

Slowly shifting into a different gear, and I hope a more honest place.

12 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. Good luck, Annie. If you feel comfortable tell your inlaws your plan. If you don’t just breath deeply. You can do this!

  2. Would it help to lose the Day 1’s? They can be so demoralizing. You’re still on the same journey. If you were driving from San Francisco to New York and broke down in Kansas City, would you go back to San Francisco and start over? I know all of us sober people go around spouting our numbers like they are scalps on our belt, but, really, what is important is today. You should be celebrating, you’ve gotten your engine tuned up and you’re back on the road. You are sober today.

    1. I really like your approach as I really hate the concept of “reset on Day 1 over and over again”. Thank you karymayhickey for your great comment!

  3. font of knowledge kary may! annie, you are an inspiration. It takes guts and balls and determination to pick yourself up again and again. I think you’ll get there eventually. It’s like anything hard, if it was easy they’d all be doing it!

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