Quick update

On my way to bed, but I wanted to write that I was fine tonight with these friends coming for supper. No one said anything about my mocktail, I drank fizzy water for the rest of the evening, and didn’t mind the others drinking wine.

Slowly, slowly, slowly, I feel a bit stronger. I don’t know what’s ahead – I’ve failed so many times before – but I cannot go back, I cannot.

20 thoughts on “Quick update”

  1. You are such an inspiration Annie. I am trying to follow your lead. I have had a hard time getting more that and few days AF under my belt to cave in again at about 5:00 pm. I am so impressed by your honesty and candor. Tomorrow is another day for me and I will eagerly look to see how you are dong too. You are so very brave.

    1. Thank you, Beattie. How are you doing today? The idea that I can help you in any way is amazing. Caving at 5pm has happened to me millions of times, but over the past few days I have really tried to combat that by eating something then, or making an alcohol free drink, or walking away from the kitchen! Hang in there. It is hard. Annie x

      1. I m finding it very hard. I have a few good days and then I crash. Your success is a beacon of hope to me. No pressure! While we are on the same road, no one is responsible for the recovery of another. I just get pumped reading how you are doing and know that I could be right behind you!!! Keep going. I will be tere!

  2. Stay strong Annie! You are doing fine…yes some days will really suck but there is a rainbow of peace in your future and every day thst you don’t drink brings you closer to it!

  3. That is the most fantastic news !!!! Well done. I find that once everyone has had their first drink, what I am drinking is completely unnoticed ! So that means I only ever feel abit uncomfortable for 20 mins max. Love the brightness in your voice. Fantastic ! Xx

      1. The fact you know how long the discomfort usually lasts for you is awesome! I hope the knowledge and forethought of an uncomfortable situation make you feel empowered.* Go, you!

  4. Great news. And as chooselife so rightly says, after the initial drink no one cares what anyone else is drinking. Well done Annie. Nearly a whole week 🙂 Thursdays are a bit triggery for you aren’t they so put some extra special treats in place xx

  5. Excellent! I was on planes all day yesterday and the day before and I reemerge, and you are doing great. It’s not easy yet and it won’t be for a while, but each day you get through is one step closer to the good stuff. Seems to me that you are taking some of the choice battles out of it — not making those dreadful and ridiculous alcoholic deals we make with ourselves (maybe after a week, or a month, or just one glass of wine its a wedding for shit’s sake). It is such a relief to give up the “what ifs” and the “do I really need to this” and the “I’m not an alcoholic, honestly” bs and just concentrate on how you are going to get through this day sober. Another practical tip I got from my sponsor. Each morning, in the blog if you want but it doesn’t have to be, write down three REAL things you are grateful for (no writing down: I am grateful that I am getting my health back, because though that may be true, it is so abstract that it can make you feel more guilty than happy — at least it did me). My first lists were literally all: (1) ice cream (2) no headache (3) coffee. And sometimes (3) remembering what I did last night and it wasn’t stupid! But it was nice to see that there were still things I could get excited/happy about and there was no alcohol involved in any of them. Also, important to do and savor this in the morning because I was usually much less cheerful about not drinking come evening.

    This is just another take it or leave it suggestions. But whatever you do, as long as its not drinking, know it gets better, really it does.

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