Still sober, and going to bed. I’m so glad. I pored over the comments on my blog (thank you for those), I texted two people I’d met at meetings, and one other sober friend (you know who you are; thank you), and I DIDN’T DRINK.


15 thoughts on “Bedtime”

  1. i sense a ‘shift’ and i am so pleased for you. keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and keep blogging every hour if you have too, i love keeping up with how you are going. so proud of you……dont blow your 7 days. dont give in to the ‘voice’. do some Mindfulness practice to recognise the ‘voice’ and shut it DOWN!!

  2. Excellent. You did it exactly right, again. You got the help you needed NOT to drink. And now you have a ready made item for your gratitude list in the morning (or even two): (1) I didn’t drink yesterday, and (2) Clear head this morning.

    You’ll get through the holiday. Just do what you need to do not to drink for just the next moment. You are slogging through the worst of it. By next week, you’ll start feeling some physical and mental improvements (and seeing some pride in the eyes of your kids and husband and friends who know what you are doing). The balance will slowly start to tilt and this will get a little easier (not easy, never easy, but easier). And you’ll see the teeny light at the end of the tunnel, and as my husband says, it won’t be a train (and as I always remind myself, as it was a train, ready to knock me on my ass, every time I thought the way out of the tunnel was a drink).

    I am proud to know you! Kate

  3. Well done Annie. I can sense how much you really, really want this. You’ll be so glad that you white knuckled it when you wake up tomorrow. I stuck to my plan too tonight. Drove, left early and came home. I was far from the life and soul of the party but I can live with that. Almost day 8 for you. These days are adding up now xx

  4. Annie! Going to meetings, reaching out, yes yes yes! You’re adding all the right ingredients to the mix – so happy to know you’re moving forward. However hard it might be at times, it’s always better than that hateful place of shame and regret. Walk on. You so deserve this.

    1. Thank you so much! It’s great to see you here. You know, I hope, how much you help me. I would never have begun this quest had I not stumbled across your blog. Annie x

      1. We all help each other. It’s give and take, that’s the most beautiful part, but it’s up to each of us to act. Your persistence is inspiring. Know that others are being led by you, and may that give you extra motivation.

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