Still here

I am still here, I am still trying. I will report in as often as I can. Oh no, not another day one, but I have to write this, otherwise I don’t believe it myself. I am finding mummywasasecretdrinker’s blog very helpful in the lead up to Christmas. She is so witty, and real.

I have just ordered 12 bottles of alcohol free fizz, which I have found to be a genuinely good replacement, and an alternative to the mocktails which can be rather sweet.

Sometimes it does feel as though I will never get there. But I have to keep trying.

4 thoughts on “Still here”

      1. Thanks Annie. Good luck. You CAN do this. I am day 501 and I had many day ones just like you. You said you get support from Mummy Was A Secret Drinker. Look how cool she makes sobriety look. You can be like this too you know. Xxx

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