Mean Hour

Recently, when drinking, I had started to get mean in the evenings, and would argue with my husband. He would call it the ‘mean hour’. Yikes, I hope it wasn’t an hour – I’d thought it was only a few minutes. He is not at all combative, so it was completely unnecessary of me, and I knew it was booze-fuelled and stupid. But I still did it. It was one of the things which was really starting to bother me, which I could see was directly related to drinking.

Today is Christmas Eve, and Day 3 for me. It is not easy – I’m not going to lie (an annoying phrase which my children use) – and I am hoping and praying that I can succeed. I’ll keep an eye on my blog, and on the other blogs I read, but I feel worried that things will go wrong.

No more mean hour; I long for a peaceful hour.

5 thoughts on “Mean Hour”

  1. I had become mean too.
    And I know my kids were becoming wary of me. That hurt, but it showed me how not myself I was becoming.

    Take it one minute at a time. Fill a glass with something non alcoholic and don’t put it down.

    Do it for you.

    Love stillness and peace to you.


  2. I used to get mean as a defensive measure. If I was mean and mad, then the hubs couldn’t get close enough to see how much I had already drunk, or he wouldn’t want to get close enough to count how many glasses I was drinking. …. The power isn’t outside of you. Fate or the Universe isn’t in control of your sobriety. You are, dear Annie. And you are a kick-ass woman who is currently kicking ass! So keep on kicking ass. No damsels allowed in Sobriety. It’s too messy. *smile* Merry Christmas! You’re doing it! -HM.

  3. Congratulations on Day 3!! I am on Day 2….May the peace of the true meaning of Christmas wrap you up in His loving embrace 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  4. Fantastic, Annie. I’m saying a little prayer for you and your family, wishing you a peaceful Christmas that you will always remember.

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