More later

Just wanted to write that I’m still here, and it’s Day 9. I’ll write more later, but I didn’t want anyone to be worried about me.

6 thoughts on “More later”

  1. That’s fantastic news, Annie. Make sure you give yourself a sober treat this weekend. It’s been a long time since you have managed nine days. What helped me at that stage was to look back through very early posts of sober bloggers, so I could identify with how they felt at 9 days. Which was usually pretty insecure and wobbly, with little of the confidence that comes later.

  2. Annie, this is fantastic. Why don’t you spent today thinking about how fantastic and wonderful it would be to NEVER have to go through another Day One.
    You say that the thought of never drinking again is too much to bear, however, why not change your mindset to the thought of ever having to have another Day One being too much to bear. Xx

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