Thank you all for your kind, encouraging comments. I really appreciate your support. Again, I feel very tired today, but am glad to have reached Day 10. Double digits!

Next week is going to be challenging, as the job gets fully underway. Please forgive me if I don’t write much for a while; I find I have so little energy when I get home, and I don’t like writing half-baked posts (as I fear this one will be…)

My husband and I are pottering along with Dry January, but I am also aware that I’m not putting quite enough thought into my sobriety, and that worries me a little. I feel as though I’ve slightly lost heart. But I’m ok.  I’m ok.

15 thoughts on “10”

  1. Hi Annie. congrats on day 10. Listen, just don’t drink, that’s the main thing! Yes, you have to do a lot of other things to make being sober work for you, but some days just not drinking (and getting enough sleep) is about all you can do, and it’s all you need to so to stay sober. I’m cheering you on here! xo

  2. Hey Annie! Keep going – we’re on day 10 together. Good luck with your tough week ahead. Just think how great/proud you’ll feel when you make it through to next weekend without a drink! Red xx

  3. I think the whole idea of having to work really hard on sobriety defeats the purpose of doing it in the first place. Why go from being obsessed with drinking to obsessed with not drinking? Just don’t drink and try to enjoy all the simple pleasure you cannot enjoy with a hangover.

  4. Well done lady. The only thought you need to put in is cake or chocolate in my experience! Just. don’t. drink. xxMtts.

  5. Double digits.. Whoop whoop! Now don’t start guilt tripping yourself about not posting often enough/long enough/well enough.. Enjoy being guilt free for a while.. You did 10 days and by next weekend (the toughie) it will be 14 days and the fog clearing (a little).

    I can identify with the need to plan ahead, its my husbands birthday on Thursday which has always scuppered me in the past (nice meal, bottle of wine or three) but we have discussed it and decided we will have a takeaway or early tea somewhere that doesn’t do alcohol (Thai/Vietnamise/Sushi). I think it’s important not to feel deprived. Going out for meals is something I know trips me up, so we have planned instead to go out more for breakfast!!

  6. As long as you don’t have a drink, you’re putting in just the right amount of thought. As someone else posted, treat yourself like you would treat a friend or family member who is sick and in need of nurturing.

  7. Today will be nine for me and tomorrow will be ten, beyond that I am going to take what Belle (stopthinkingaboutdrinking)has said, something along the lines that not drinking ever again is too broad a concept at the moment – try not to think about Switzerland. Contemplating the summer without beer or even the Saturday evening fizz is too much so I am just pushing those thoughts away and concentrating on the now. Just to borrow some words from David Bowie: I’m an absolute beginner, but I’m absolutely sane. As long as we are in this together then we will get through this (my words).

    I’m walking with you – well, one pace behind!!


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