Thank you…

…for your wise words yesterday. I’m not going to drink, I’m not going to sabotage my 2 weeks’ sobriety, and Dry January is still very much in motion. Day 15 today.

I am working today, but I’m feeling strong about tonight, and about the weekend. The drink has been put in the garden shed, my husband has the key (!) and we are planning to give it away as presents in the next few weeks.

I am so grateful for you all, and for your responses to my posts. I will write more this weekend, as I never quite know how I’m going to feel.

14 thoughts on “Thank you…”

  1. So pleased to hear your positive words and strong sense of mind! Yesterday was the closest I came to being tempted. It was hubbies birthday and if there had been wine in the house I’m not sure I would’ve gotten through.. Thankfully there wasn’t and he didn’t go buy any despite me hinting.. I woke up this morning feeling so relieved, well, and oddly proud… a wonderful change from hungover and guilty!

    So here we are back at the weekend once more.. 7 days stronger..we can do this!!

  2. It’s a relief to hear you didn’t drink last night. You got through a very bad patch, and that’s great progress. Please don’t take what I’m about to say as critical. I’m just curious. What I’m wondering is why you didn’t throw the gin and wine away. Every person who commented said you should dump it. But rather than dumping it, you locked it in your shed. I find that an interesting choice. If you had a friend who had been where you’ve been with alcohol addiction, and she was in the same place as you with barely 2 weeks sober, what would you tell her if she told you she bought alcohol, and then hid it in a locked shed to ostensibly give away later? I am not trying to be critical here. I’m asking the question because I’m afraid you might be planting the seeds of future self-sabotage. Why are you keeping alcohol in your shed if you’re committed to not drinking? Are you planning to go back to drinking after Dry January? Not a judgement, just a question.

  3. Annie, couple of paces behind you but really pleased and heartened that you didn,t give in. Stressfull day hre with work; big glass of water and some treats helps keep the wine goblin away. Stay strong over the weekend for all of us…. AND YOU ABOVE ALL.


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