Today is Mother’s Day in the UK, and today is my Day one.

I have had many day ones, but I want this to be my last. I asked for help when I woke – well, I asked the universe. I silently prayed that I would not drink today. I want to be a better mother, a better person; I want to feel better, to be better.

I reread the comments from yesterday, and felt connected. Thank you for being here; I don’t feel so alone.


6 thoughts on “Mothering”

  1. Think of today as the day that you became the BEST mother because you started your sober journey. Your post resonates with me on so any levels. I tried to outthink my drinking, rationalize it, be “educated” about it with the sad belief that I could just drink until I got a good buzz on and then STOP. Needless to say that never happened. Even when I swore that today was the final day 1 I still held that belief in my heart that I could go back to drinking like everyone else and I would be fine. And it made me angry!!!!!
    Please. Go to meeting. Reach out. Let people know what’s going on. You will be amazed at the love and support you will receive. The process has gotten me 60 days sober–and helped me deal with some real crappy stuff going on in my life calmly and rationally. Hugs!!!!!

  2. Hi Annie
    The fact that you keep trying and have sober days where you didn’t have them before is progress in my book!

  3. Silently asking the universe is wishing things were different.
    Wishes require actions to be fulfilled.

    Please ask for help out loud.
    I want you to be happy.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Annie. Think how much better a mother you will be when you don’t drink anymore. You want this. Do something to make it work. AA or the addictions centre. Really commit to it. I am here for you. A x

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