Before I forget

Before I forget, here is a delicious non-alcoholic drink for my friend over on

Cucumber mint martini (we need another word for martini)

5-6 leaves of mint

3 slices cucumber

50ml cloudy apple juice

10ml grenadine

10ml elderflower cordial

20ml fresh lime juice

10ml cranberry juice

Muddle and add all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker (or jug).  I add ice too.  Strain into a pretty glass. Scoff.

I may have posted this recipe before.  It’s a winner, and quite ‘special’ so can help with that low Friday I’m not drinking feeling which I fear I’ll get this weekend.

Day 3 here, and I am ok. I guess I feel a bit odd.  Erratic dreams, fitful sleep and horrible fatigue in the evenings, but I was expecting all that.  My son is poorly today, and I was just chatting to him about drinking – poor fellow, not really what he wants to hear on a Wednesday morning.  I told him that I had stopped drinking, and he laughed and said, ‘That won’t last!’  I cannot keep letting him down.  I have to keep my promise.  One hour at at time is how I’m doing it at the moment (apart from my projection forward to Friday evening and that recipe above).  Because I see the demons circling overhead.


2 thoughts on “Before I forget”

  1. Mintini maybe?! Thank you so much for sharing this, it does sound very special! I’m going to try it this weekend 🙂
    Sober today! We should be very proud of ourselves 😀 x

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