I am not drinking anymore

That is what I am telling myself as I near the end of Day One. I am back home, and last night I knew that today would be my Day One. ‘Have you decided?’ my husband asked me on the train this morning.  I have decided. I am done with drinking, I want to feel better, and I am not going to waste any more time worrying about it, constantly delaying.

Please help me, and support me. I need you. I want to use my blog in a way in which I used it in the early days when I first started writing here, when I found so much good advice, love and friendship here. I know there may be people who are frustrated with my going back and forth, and I understand that; but I hope I haven’t pushed too many away?

25 thoughts on “I am not drinking anymore”

  1. If you hadn’t kept trying and posting and trying and posting I wouldn’t have made it through my many day ones and now to my day 41. We are here x

  2. You know I’m here. This is a journey with many imperfections. Everyone’s recovery is their own. What is your plan to help stay sober besides blogging? Meetings maybe?
    Remember that you are helping us as well as yourself through your honesty.

  3. i will do it with you only tomorrow will have to be my day one…..lucky you ..everyday without a drink is AWESOME. I went last week for 6 days and felt so much better. I am like you up and down. I have been ready to quit for a few years now ..sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, when i work so hard to be healthy. You can be my inspiration.

  4. You have all my support, Annie! Making the decision not to drink and then making all those small daily (sometimes hourly, sometimes minute-by-minute) decisions not to drink, and taking care of yourself so you’re well and able to keep making the same decision, that’s what it takes. And that’s what it sounds like you’re doing. There will be good times and tough times, and you have to know up front that you won’t always want to stick with it. You have to accept that your feelings will be all over the place and you will sometimes be euphoric and you’ll probably rage and cry and hate everyone and plenty more that’s sometimes not pretty but, just the same, you don’t drink. That’s what you have to do. And you can do it! (And I have to say, it’s worth all that effort!) xo

  5. I’m back here too! I go back and forth a lot these days, but I’m starting to think that there’s just no point to drinking. I realise I need to work on feeling the joy in life better when sober. I think that’s where I fall down.

  6. Hi Annie, I am confident you can do it. I would like to join you as I feel exactly the same. We are all here for you ( and each other). Sending lots of love Gemma

      1. Day 1 (again), yes. Thank you for your support too. Finding it tricky already, but really, really want to do this x

  7. Day one for me today..I am so tired of feeling like crap and miss feeling joyful and serene…I will follow you on this journey…you and so many others have inspired me so much.

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