More blue sky

8.30am and the sky is very blue today. And I am so very glad that I didn’t drink last night. Thank you for all your advice and love and support; my iPad does a little bleep when a comment comes in, and I would rush over and look, and your words really gave me strength. Just after I’d written my cravings post, I had an AF beer, and some olives, and my son came into the kitchen to chat to me while I made the supper. He would have been horrified if I’d been drinking. I chopped ingredients carefully, I moved through the minutes slowly, I got through it and I was ok.

There is a lot more work for me to do. But here I am on Day 6.

9 thoughts on “More blue sky”

  1. Fantastic!!!! You are getting through the worst of it. Isn’t the morning after a particularly rough drink don’t drinking debate almost euphoric ?

  2. I’m so happy to read this in the morning! I don’t comment much, but am unconditionally here as a support! Rock on!

  3. Fantastic Annie! That is amazing and each time it will get easier. I am always astounded when I have an intense urge and then BOOM – it just goes away like WTF???How did I go from white knuckling to feeling easy breezy. It is our stupid brain. I really hope Annie’s book The Naked Mind helps – it just makes so much sense to me….

    1. hi donohuli, I have just been looking at The Naked Mind on Amazon, I’ve already read Jason Vale and Alan Carr’s books and found them to be very useful for short periods (i.e. a month) but then my wine witch gets the better of me.. would you say The Naked Mind offers something different or is it the same message in another format? (I’m wondering based on some of the reviews that said it basically regurgitated these two books) In my heart of hearts I know it is me and not a book that will finally stop me drinking.. but hey, anything that helps is a positive!! Thank you SW Mum xx

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