Double figures

Yes, my friends, day 10 over here in the land of many day 1s. I am so pleased!  Thank you again for all your lifesaving comments last night, and for your support over the past week. It’s a long road, but I’m plodding along it.

I went back to work today, and the old drinking memories came flooding in. It’s not a drinking environment – far from it – but the pressures of work, and the feeling of needing downtime and rewards at the end of the day, are triggers which I need to work through. I have worked out which meetings I can get to this week, and I WILL GO. Complacency is the enemy, and the feeling that I’m setting myself a big task which I won’t be able to sustain.

Physically, I feel ok. Not that zippy, and not a pink cloud in sight, just quiet really.

31 thoughts on “Double figures”

  1. Brava Annie! One day at a time — don’t think about how to get through the rest of the school year, or even this week of work days, just get through today, Monday. Experiment with what works. Maybe an alternate reward (Chai lattes after work and ice cream after dinner were my go-to substitute rewards at the beginning. I never allowed myself either when I was drinking because I was saving the calories for wine). It helped me to think of things I liked (or had wanted) to do but didn’t when I was drinking and anticipate those instead. For example, for years and years, ever since I learned to read, I would get lost in a book for an hour before I went to sleep. When I started drinking heavily, I either just passed out at bedtime or read mindless crap on the Internet, because it was all my woozy brain could follow (that is, when I wasn’t sending inappropriate emails to friends and colleagues). Now I so look forward to that hour (or more) of a good book (and there are so many!) before bed. Delicious!

    Give yourself a huge round of applause. You are doing great. And PS, wasn’t there talk of calling the addiction counselor back?

  2. A HUGE HUG!! Well done! And I totally agree with HH – just focus on today. And I look forward to my (early) bedtime with a book. It’s not very rock and roll, but in the early sober days, an early night got me through a craving, and now, I am one of those irritating people who go to bed early and also rise early (on purpose!)….who knew what the sun rising looked liked? Keep going girl – the promised land is in sight xxxx

  3. Hooray! You’re doing great! I’m in with the ‘focus on one day and read a book at night’ plan here, too. These days I’m amazed that I’d given up one my greatest pleasures, reading at night, just to drink! Rooting for you here xoxo

  4. Good for you! I agree about the treats! I started experimenting with all kinds of mocktails-my favorite ended up being Sparkling Italian Lemonade with Italian Sparkling Berry and a big squeeze of Lime.
    And, of course Ice Cream after dinner! Also, early to bed! It’s okay if you crawl in at 6! Big hug!

  5. Hooray! I read where you said you walked your dog listening to the Bubble Hour – I do the same thing. You’re doing great!

  6. Congratulations on day 10! You are doing so well. One day at time really works for me. I can’t think too far ahead. Keep going Annie. I am so proud of you. A x

  7. Keep in going Annie, when you think of drinking play out what is going to happen, one glass becomes a bottle or more and then the cycle of regret continues. Let’s both get to the obstacle course sober mummy talks about 🙂

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