I feel uncomfortable in myself, but calm. I am glad I went to the counselling session yesterday. At home, I showed my poor husband the sheets about the phases of addiction which the counsellor had given me. It’s not an easy read but I want my husband to understand better what is happening to me.

Thank you for your loving messages yesterday. I hope I didn’t come across as too emotionally gushing. I thought I had mentioned my brother in a previous post, but now I think it might have been in an email to a sober friend.

The counsellor is now away for a fortnight. I’m a bit worried about that gap but will go to meetings as he suggested, and stay connected to my blog.

Back to today, and the prospect of the evening of my Day 2. I’m still feeling very tired, but absolutely convinced that abstinence is the only way forward for me.


13 thoughts on “Raining”

  1. Calm and tired is good Annie! You need sleep to let your body do it’s healing. Think of a sick cat or dog, that’s what they would do. Proud of you on day 2 !

  2. You’re doing great Annie. Look at how far you’ve come in the last week or so. OK you may still be having Day 1s but you’re in therapy, you’ve told your husband and I can see signs of an inner confidence that you can do this. And you can. X

  3. Calm sounds great Annie – and I’m so glad you’re seeing the counsellor and being honest with your hubby. Sorry I don’t comment every time, but I always read your blog and I’m willing you on with virtual hugs & love, Red xx

  4. Raining here today too Annie – I guess the warm weekend just gone could have been our summer, right?! Enough on the weather (typical English obsession that it is) and back to you: it really is ok to feel whatever you feel and remember your body is going to be working hard detoxing so you’re bound to be tired. Everything is ok Annie. Love to you xx.

  5. I’m glad you’re calm, Annie. No need to worry about gushing or being overly happy pr sad or needy or independent or whatever it is you’re feeling like on any given day. We’re all keeping you company and rooting for you, no matter what! xo

  6. Hi Annie, calm is good. Your councellor sounds great. Do what he suggests and get to as many meetings as you can while he is away. Well done on day 2! A x

  7. Hi Annie, you can do this. Go to a meeting everyday if you need to. You sound different this time and you’re doing the right things. You’re feelings will be all over the place, but they are only temporary. Ride them out, sobriety will bring you joy, peace and happiness.

  8. Annie, have a great day 2 and know that you have support here! You seem so strong and determined, I’m a bit envious! I hope to have my day two tomorrow and hope to find that calmness you have 🙂 Hugs.

  9. Welcome to Day 3 Annie. I was really tired and emotional in my early days, still am sometimes. Its all part of your body healing. Im no expert but i think sleeping and attending meetings are your number one priority. Hugs x

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