Sober Mummy

I met Sober Mummy today.  Many of you will be avid readers of her brilliant blog, Mummywasasecretdrinker, and I can report that she is as fantastic in the flesh as you would imagine.

We had given brief descriptions of each other over email so we knew what to look out for at a busy station; I glimpsed her orange bag as I got off the train, and felt a huge sense of relief and excitement that we were finally meeting.

We talked and talked. It was fantastic. She is full of grace and wisdom. Her clear eyes shone as she spoke of the joys of sobriety: she’s a walking advertisement for getting sober, an example of what is on ‘the other side’. She asked me what I was afraid of.  She listened when I told her, and had advice for how I could master these fears.

What I will never forget, however, is the faith she has in me. She wants me to do this; not just to keep ‘trying’, but to actually do it, to move forward. And what’s more, she thinks I can! She had loads of practical advice, too: for example, to make a list of alternative activities with which to distract myself every evening when the cravings hit (dog walk; piano; bath; bed), and though I may have considered these before, it was the idea of a list which struck me, and the actual DOING of the list, not just making a list, the equivalent of doing one’s exam revision, not just making pretty timetables. She also promised that getting to 100 days really does make a difference, it’s not just a story sober people spin, it’s reality – that things do feel and get easier around that 100 day mark.

Hours later, I felt as though I had known her my whole life. I got back on the train, came home, and felt new.

I feel as though meeting Sober Mummy today has breathed life into my previously flailing attempts at sobriety, that she has given me strength to make this work. I am so very grateful to her.

16 thoughts on “Sober Mummy”

  1. Wow is this so cool. You guys are across the pond, but you feel so near. You both have helped me so much. I am staying the course with you. I only have 32 days today. Thank you, C

  2. I loved meeting you too, gorgeous girl, and I don’t just THINK you can do it, I KNOW you can do it!
    I’m so looking forward to celebrating 100 days with you and some virgin mojhitos 😉 xxx

  3. Oooh so glad it went well! I’m absolutely certain you are both absolutely gorgeous, lovely women. And we all know you’re going to do it, Annie! My birthday tomorrow. 63 days. Think I might have a virgin mojhito! xx

  4. I am SO JEALOUS! My two favorite sober bloggers hanging out…without me! Also, I’m so impressed Annie — you have so many more tools in place than you did even two weeks ago. I really thinks this is your time.

  5. So happy you two got to meet!! And Annie…I’m so happy that SM even further inspired you! You girls are both so “real” in what you write. Two great women coming together for a commonality. And who says the internet is not great? hahaha!!! xo

  6. That is Amazing Annie!! Lasting sobriety always happens after trying something new, and you are doing new things! So happy for you to have met Sober mummy. Amazing xx

  7. So pleased you met up – and believe me, SoberMummy is so right about that 100 days. You can, and will, get there… and I for one will raise my cup of tea to you! xx

  8. Sobriety is really teaching me the value of *doing*. In the early days of quitting booze, I took this sage advice from two wonderful bloggers who are both wise with sober longevity: choose a short activity of anything you like – eg meditation, a walk in the park, eating chocolate in the bath, playing an instrument, knitting, a run round the block, whatever – and repeat it DAILY. Just for ten mins, if that’s all you can spare. Just repeat the action. No more pretty timetables. Move a muscle, change a thought. I’m so glad you two met up btw, that’s blimmin’ lovely xx.

  9. That is so great! And I am so jealous!! How awesome that you two got to meet in real life. This is wonderful for you Annie, to have some in real life support. I know you can do this too. I am so happy for you. A x

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