Following my post earlier this morning, I wanted to tell you that I’ve just been to a meeting. Hands shaking, I drove there, determined. I haven’t been to a meeting for months. It was hard sitting there, but I listened to people’s stories and was quiet with myself. I didn’t speak because I was scared, but I’m glad I went.

Before going to the meeting, I told my husband what was happening. He is going to help me change our evening routines in the next week, to help me combat the cravings. For example, I’m going to take the dog for a walk while he prepares supper; I’m going to get in a bath and wait for him to get home from work. All a day at a time.

11 thoughts on “P.S.”

  1. Annie…at one point I took my daughter out to eat for several days straight…because cooking and being home made me want to have my ritual bottle of wine. That passes. I never thought it would but it did. Annie…you can create whatever life you want for yourself…including a life where you accept that you don’t drink because you cant, and a life were you don’t even need wine at night to enjoy your family and your life. You can create new routines. You really can. Take care of yourself.

  2. Annie, if agree whith SW Mum in her above comments. I would also like to add that you DESERVE to do this- to break free of the madness that you are perpetuating. Please keep reaching out- going to meetings- go twice a day if you need to. Find another therapist if this one is not available. Drinking is the punishment. Being free of drink is the reward.

  3. Remember that you were glad you went;it might help move you when you next try to talk yourself out of going. Although it doesn’t with me and my Jane Fonda exercise dvd….. This is a good day! XXXX

  4. Hi Annie

    I was in exactly the same situation as you 3 months ago. Only much much worse. The only way for me was to distance myself from everyone and everything for a week. I checked in to a clinic and fought the cravings to a safe level that I could deal with. Another thing that is so important too is to forgive yourself. You deserve to lead a normal happy life. I wish you all the best Annie. Be strong and get some time away where you’re not tempted to pick up a drink.

  5. Love how happier you sound in just a few hours! Your plan sounds great, that’s exactly what I had to do to avoid giving in. Go for it Annie, I KNOW you can do this!

  6. Hi Annie, I have been following your blog for a while but I have never posted. I was in your shoes a while ago and I have stopped thanks to a seminar I have attended : Allen Carr easy way to stop drinking, I think it’s brilliant and I have been successful stopping drinking with this method. Just a thought.

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