Dear friends

I am getting in a muddle.

I have been writing this blog for a year and a half (not 3 years!), and I feel as though I am going round in circles.  A few people have wisely commented that I seem to be addicted to the 1 -3 day stretch, and I guess it does look like that.  Certainly, I don’t seem to be making much progress; if anything, I am going backwards.

I also worry that I could be de-motivating people who are trying to stop drinking, that when they see me fail and fail again, it may give them permission to follow the same path.

I think it is time to give my writing a break, and to leave you all in peace.

I know of some bloggers who came back as ‘different people’ after a break from blogging; they start new blogs, have new names.  I won’t do that.  I am Annie, and I’ve always been Annie.  I will be back, but for now, I will say goodbye.  Thank you for being here; thank you for your kind words, for your wisdom and for your support.

8 thoughts on “Dear friends”

  1. In the five minutes since i read your previous post and then saw this latest, i had the same thought: why dont you go silent…say for five days…white knuckle it..and come back with a report of glorious success?

  2. Annie – I don’t know what the etiquette is on mentioning other blogs. But “talking a new path” has done a podcast with Belle. It’s free at the moment. Link on her blog. Please listen – I think it would help. And I hope they won’t mind that I’ve recommended it!

  3. Dear Annie,
    For what it’s worth, I think you are not going to put people off giving up, they will feel that that are not the only ones coping with this demon – and they will identify with you.

    Please blog if you need to, there are lots of people who care about you. If people don’t like it, they do not have read it. I have been reading your blog for months (and trust me I have a very low nonsense threshold 🙂 – you have actually prompted me to write a blog! Just today…

    You inspired me to do it.

    Lots of love and I hope all is good xxx

  4. Annie, I’m with Sober Mummy – give up drinking, not blogging! People will read or not read your blog – that’s their choice to make. The only person you are responsible for, is you. So focus on you and what you need to get

  5. Annie, if writing helps you then write, if it’s easier not to then don’t or close the comments part if that’s possible/helpful. If disappearing is another way you have found to permit yourself to drink. (And if your counsellor is away then it seems like an odd time to reduce your support options) then I’d encourage you to have a serious rethink. Go with your instincts and have a plan to follow regardless. Good luck. xxx

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