Finding peace

Thank you for all your messages yesterday. I feel a great strength coming from them – they REALLY help.

Here I am on day 2. Apart from getting rid of all the booze, there was another first yesterday: I phoned the AA lady. I hadn’t been able to speak to her on Friday. When she texted yesterday morning asking how I was, I phoned her straight back. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I’ve found it strangely difficult to telephone AA people – it has felt awkward, somehow. This lady was great; we spoke for about half an hour, she listened and advised.

I didn’t feel like drinking at all yesterday. I hear the comments which warn me that this initial sober euphoria may quickly wear off, but the AA lady’s advice to keep it in the moment – not even in the day, but in that very minute – is how I’m trying to think. My projecting forward has been a major stumbling block for me. Stop looking ahead!

So, no booze in the house, husband on-side, lovely AA lady a phone call away: I am feeling positive. I do not want to go back to the sad, lonely, dark days, where I hide and lie and fool myself.

4 thoughts on “Finding peace”

  1. Yes, mindfulness or the practice of presence is such a simple concept but so powerful at the same time. The 9nly real time is NOW, this very moment. If we focus on that then the pressure to succeed is broken down in to bite size pieces not huge, insurmountable chunks.

  2. I’m feeling good vibes – and sending them right back at you Annie! So very true to stay in the moment. I also followed some advice from a sober commentator for when the cravings hit: tell yourself you won’t drink today but if you still want to drink tomorrow, then you can. Of course the next morning I woke up and was delighted and so relieved I had withstood the cravings. Do anything but pick up that first drink. Anything. Lots of love and wifi support. XXXX

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