Being new

Well, yesterday I attempted to set up a brand new, shiny blog, and got into all sorts of scrapes trying to run it alongside this one. I wanted to leave a comment on someone else’s blog in such a way that if you clicked on my name, it would direct you to the new blog – but all it kept doing was sending me back to here.

I spent a frustrating morning reading forums, and trying to work out how to sort it. In the end, I deleted the new blog. It only had one tiny post so far which essentially said I Am Sober.

So, for the time being, I will stay here. Perhaps I’ll rename this blog at some point, and archive the old content. But as I’m about to go to work, I won’t set about dabbling in technical issues.

I had emailed many of my sober friends, telling them about my new sober blog address – ignore that now.

Oh, and yesterday was my first sober day in a long time. I sipped peppermint tea on a train back from playing in a concert in London, and felt glad.

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