Sunday morning

My husband and I have agreed that we won’t drink alcohol on our holiday. We leave in a few days’ time. I don’t drink anymore.

No more blurring; no more crazy behaviour. I am done with it.

My kind AA friend tried to ring me yesterday but I didn’t answer. I’m going to phone her back today.

I feel a heavy weight lift from my heart as I write: today is Day one.

I can’t go to rehab as my family and I are about to go on the trip of a lifetime.  To America! I have never been, and the newness of it is important in my quest. The past few years we have been to the same place in France, and my drinking was entrenched. New places will help me.

Thank you all for your advice over the past few days – over the past few years. It has been seeping slowly in.

13 thoughts on “Sunday morning”

  1. I really wish you well. You will enjoy your holiday so much more by remaining sober. You are only letting yourself down if you fail… And your family of course 💞

  2. Yet again Annie, our paths have synchronised. I’m in the same place as you once more. Hating the drinking but can’t seem to stop. Like you I really want this. It is almost two years since we embarked on this journey and we have had some significant progress and positive stretches. We just need to reach the ONE time where that is it because we know what peace it brings. Good luck Annie xx

  3. That’s brilliant Annie!

    Why don’t you do a deal, with yourself and your husband, that if you do the holiday totally sober (which I KNOW you can do) then hurrah! If not, you’ll do proper rehab when you get home.

    That might give you the extra impetus that you need.

    If your serious about doing this, you’ll make that deal….

    Big hugs xxxx

    1. Sorry, that should read: if you’re serious. I know you’re a teacher, so keen to keep up the standards of grammar!

  4. Prepare to enjoy every non-hungover minute of that holiday, feeling clear and present. It’s day 16 here and pink clouds are starting to peek up on the horizon.

  5. No drinking today or tonight Annie. Find some form of distraction. Don’t think about Monday or your trip to the USA. You need to create some space from drinking.


  6. Have a great trip. I am an American, and I have traveled all over the country. There’s an AA meeting in every nook and cranny in this place. Get in touch with me if you want additional info!

  7. Hi Annie…have a great time! If you are in NYC message me! I can be your sober buddy! (that is, if you need or want one!) I can talk you off the ledge! I can also tell you a gazillion things to do in NYC that do not revolve around alcohol! Wherever you are going in the good ole USA…have a blast! An alcohol free blast! xo

  8. You could have an army of support in the us. There’s wonderful bloggers all over the country.
    I’m in Canada….I’m assuming you aren’t coming this far north.
    Stick with this plan to not drink. Ask for help a lot.
    I’m praying for you.

  9. Fight for it, annie. Fight for every five minutes….grit your teeth and take on the next five minutes, and so on. And on.

    If you believe the cliches, America is the land of freedom and opportunity – let this be your opportunity to finally start to be free!

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