Another Sunday morning

I am trying again. Today is the first day. I need a lot of help. My plan is still very hazy, but I am reaching out from here, my blog creaking open after a long, hopeless summer.

Is there anyone out there?


23 thoughts on “Another Sunday morning”

  1. Pleased to hear you are trying again, and this time realising that you need a lot of help. I hope and pray that this time you prioritise getting all the help you need.
    Hugs xx

  2. Hi Annie, been expecting you. Plenty of old familiar faces still out here and lots of encouragement. Always a good day for a day one. Summers heading out, back to school and work (although I’ve got another couple of weeks off). Good time to start new activities like quitting the booze. Ginger hits a 100 days tomorrow – which is fantastic but it all started with a day one. You can do it – just get the right framework in place and, off course, don’t drink. How did the holiday go?


  3. So glad to see you back – I checked for your return daily. Please don’t disappear again! I’m one day behind you – let’s do it!

  4. Hi Annie, Wondering about your trip to the US. Hope it was fun despite the inevitable drinking. I am an on and off drinker. Also wishing I could be long term sober. Hugs, Tina Jeanne

  5. I have also had a long & (mostly) hopeless summer. I don’t think I can do it, but i know I need to. You’re not alone, is what I mean.

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