The third day

Thank you again for your comments. I am sorry not to be replying to them at the moment – when I have more time, I will try to do that. I always love it when someone replies to a comment I leave on a blog.

Here I am on Day 3, about to go to work. But I wanted to write a post before going, as I won’t be home until quite late. I am feeling positive, and trying not to look further than today. I’ve had some intense cravings in the afternoons, but am tackling them with small snacks and trying to distract myself with other activities. I am also saying to myself: just get through to tomorrow. The short term aims seem more manageable than any sort of grand plan – and I’m usually all about the grand plan.

Scattered dreams are disturbing my sleep, but I expected that, and I’ve had a summer of dead sleep where I’ve woken unrested and feeling odd, outside myself somehow. So the dream-filled sleeps are an improvement.

Over at, Ginger has made it to 100 days. Her posts are so powerful and honest; she is amazing. This stuff isn’t easy, and her strength and resilience are incredible. Ginger – if you’re reading this – WELL DONE! I know there are other people who have got to 100 days and beyond, and I am inspired by you all. I really want to get there.

5 thoughts on “The third day”

  1. Day 3 is awesome! Can you fit in a quick, intense workout in the afternoon? I find exercise really helps with the cravings, plus has the added bonus of helping with sleep.

  2. Keep that positive feeling close to your heart today. When the cravings hit you will know intellectually you didn’t -always- feel that way today even though your emotions will be saying otherwise. You are doing the work – go you! Eat a bowl of ice cream the size of your head tonight if that’s what it takes.

    Strength and courage,

  3. Oh, Annie, Day 3, how wonderful!! Just try to get a little further and see how you feel. Muscle through to even just 7 days. That will be a whole week. I think you will feel amazing!!

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