Day 2…

… and I know I said I wasn’t going to write here until I had a week under my belt – a week would be good! – but I’m on Day 2 and I am glad. I just wanted to keep you posted.

11 thoughts on “Day 2…”

  1. Well done Annie, keep at it. Don’t give in to those cravings this afternoon when they come. I find I need to be on my own, even if just for ten minutes, when I start wanting wine. I read blogs or one of my sober books or just lie down, play it forward and cry with frustration until the urge passes which it does. Then I feel good about resisting. It’s also useful as some one else said to constantly notice all the good things about not drinking – sleeping well, nice skin, clear eyes etc etc. Those thoughts eventually start to come to you along with the urge to drink and make it easier to resist. Have you read anything by Liz Hemingway? Her book about her battle was the first one I read when I started to tackle my own issues with alcohol – it’s raw and powerful and worth a read. Good luck, we are all willing you on. x

  2. Morning Annie. Well done on Day 2 – these early ones are really so very tough.

    Just a thought – Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon starts today. I’m not sure how you feel about these kinds of things (or whether you’ve done it before etc) but personally I’ve always found that once I “sign up” and get a tiny bit of sponsorship, I’m committed to not drinking for the month, sometimes if only to avoid shame/embarrassment, as I’ve told people in my life I’m off it for 30 days. I realise that this isn’t an ideal reason to lay off alcohol, as the incentive is mainly for others rather than yourself, but it may be a good way of getting 30 days under your belt. Just an idea. I would have signed up again myself but I’m currently crawling through day 11 of a personal 100 day challenge!

    I read your blog daily Annie and I genuinely wish you all the best. Have a lovely day : ) x

  3. Annie, I am so pleased you are blogging again. I am an avid reader/lurker of your blog, although I rarely post, and was worried over the summer when you disappeared. I am on day 3, so only one day ahead of you but am determined that this is it; a new start, a new life. Let’s do this together Annie, for the last time. Ellen x

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