I am so weary of my attempts to stop drinking. But I am not giving up the struggle; I am determined to keep trying.

I feel physically exhausted. I look down at myself, and am sad to see this person thrashing around in the dark.

I am trying to keep it in the day. Looking beyond that has meant certain failure in the past few weeks. It has got to the stage where I feel better when I do drink, and that worries me a lot.

No one really knows. I think I’m doing a good job of hiding it, and on the outside, I think I look competent and cheerful. But you know; you all know what is happening.

I begin again today.

4 thoughts on “Today”

  1. Hi Annie it makes me sad you keep putting yourself through this when an easier life awaits you. Don’t give up trying but if this isn’t working then find a way that does x

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